My boyfriend left me pregnant. will he come back?

My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years left me to go and live in another state to start up his own business. he has been planning this for quite a while. he decided to go even though I fell pregnant. I am very much in love with him and miss him alot. I am feeling daunted about the future, He says he wants to be a part of the babys life but does not see a future for us. He is quite a mixed up guy and comes with a lot of emotional baggage. I know that he loves me but he is scared to commit. Do you think there is any chance of him coming back to me and giving it a go with the three of us?

looking for any advice that can be offered

Most Helpful Girl

  • I know you love him, but at the moment the baby should be the first thing on your mind. Sort that out with him first because I think at the moment he may feel overwelhmed with a child and breaking up and deciding whether to go back or not. Sort that out and from then you two may form a new bond its only natural because your parents now. Maybe from there he could see clearly how he feels about you

    • Yeah I know I need to start focusing on the pregnancy, its just that he only left a few days ago and its still a bit raw and all consuming. I hope with all my heart that he does return so we can give it a shot at being a family I think our baby is worth that, at least to say we did give it a go. Thanks for your advice , it is good to vent

    • Your welcome, it may come natural , because the pair of you will need to have a strong bond and you'll probably be spending a lot more time together. But I do stress the 'may' part for you don't know what is going to happen for certain.