If your girlfriend / boyfriend were to stay over at your parents' house?

would your parents Allow you guys to stay in the same room, or put one of you on the couch?

My house is G rated. If my boyfriend or my sister's boyfriend has to stay over for whatever reason, we have a bedroom on the other side of the house for them, and my dad sleeps with one eye open (seriously!)


Thanks guys for answering!

But also...would you seriously ever have sex in their parents house?


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  • separate bedrooms. definitely. there's no way in hell they'd let us stay in the same room.

    • at least my situation is feeling more normal. thanx

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  • I really don't know because the situation has never come up, but I'm guessing my parents would let her sleep in my room. I'm 21 so they understand I'm old enough not to make immature decisions, and outside of making her sleep on the couch there's really nowhere else to sleep.

  • I am an old bastard now but my parents allowed me to have girls sleep over in my room with the door closed since the age of 15.

    • wow, your parents were cool. Now you have grown up, do you think it was a good/bad idea?

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    • hhmm yea I think that can happen at such a young age. And it's very admirable that you've come to this realization.

    • thnx-you gotta grow up sometime! :)

  • My mother tends to stay out of my childrens relationships, so I don't really think she'd have a problem with it-but as far as doing the deed in their parent's house-heck no.

  • I've gotten pretty close to my girlfriend's family. I normally spend the night with her like once every two weeks or so. We sleep in the same bed. No sneaking or anything, I remember the first night I stayed over I assumed that I would be sleeping on the couch. Her parents wanted me to stay with my girl and her little sister while they went to the bar for their aniversery. So when they got back her dad was just like you stay over tonight it's pretty late already.

    So I was getting comfortable on the couch, and he was like no go lay down with her. Ever since then, when I stay over it's no question. We both sleep in her bed and they don't ever come into her room to check on us.

    This was pretty odd to me at first well it still is really just because of the way I was raised. I'm 21 now and she is 18. But I think whenever I go back home to visit my family and I bring her with me that my parents will make one of us sleep on the couch.

    • We have sex in their house all the time. Atleast once every time I stay over. Not to mention the times that I just come over, and not stay.

    • Omg wow! If a guy did that in my house, my dad would make sure he'd leave without his favorite appendage.

      Her parents are VERY liberal.

    • Her parents don't know that we do that. Their room is all the way across the house and we are quiet. Not to mention it's normally like 2 or 3 in the morning when we do. Unless I come over during the day when they aren't there. Then things can get a little loud lol.

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  • My boyfriend and I live 500 miles away, so he stays at my house for a whole week every once in a while. My parents made us sleep in separate bedrooms at first, but they gradually became more lenient about it and now we sleep in the same bed.

    Plus, my boyfriend is mildly allergic to cats, and my room is the only cat-free zone in the house :P

  • As if I would f***ing let THAT disaster happen. Anyway, my mother wouldn't give a sh*t. She would just tell us to keep it quiet as she doesn't want us traumatising my poor wittle bro. My father...ahahahaha. Yeah RIGHT. He would shove the guy into the basement and f***ing chain him to the floor. And he would sit down there watching the guy with a shotgun in one hand and a bottle of rakia in the other.

    • I don't live with either of my parents, thank f***. When I rarely stay over, it's either at my sister?s house or one of my father's houses. I always bring a friend to keep me occupied and to keep my temper in check around them. Usually I f*** them if I'm bored or horny.

  • yeah my boyfriend stayed round mine evryday when I was only 14 , and I slept round his too , I don't no if that's just my folks lol maybe my mums pretty layed back , and yeah we stayed in the same bed

    your situation sounds alful!


    • haha I really don't mind at all, I think it's sweet of my dad in a way. And my boyfriend and I have no reason to sleep together, we'll see e/o when we wake up.

    • fair doos(:x

  • nope - he wouldn't be allowed to sleep in the same room , I would pro sneak down anyway to the guest room to sleep with him and sneak away in the morning. not having sex like - I would never do that in my parents house it would give me the creeps!

    • ikr! couldn't imagine it!

  • If you are over 18 then mommy and daddy need to back off or not have you over. It's not 1950.

    • But if the house belongs to her parents it's their call. She just lives there, so she needs to respect whatever their opinions on the matter are.

    • Then don't sleep there.

    • Exactly, it's the old "live under my roof, go by my rules"

      I'm 20 y/o and I live at home with my 'rents but this is the only rule they have, so I don't mind at all.

  • I've never asked but I can imagine that he would have to sleep on the couch. But during the night he would probably sneak into my room ;) If my dad did allow him to sleep in my room (that would take a lot of talking) the door would have to be open all the way!

    • I went over to his house for the first time and his family wasn't supposed to be there. But his family came home early so, yes we had sex with his family there.

    • okay thanks