Her friends hate me, advice?

my girlfriend is chilling with her friends and it makes me uncomfortable. both of them she has said in the past don't like me because of some of the arguements we have had...I really don't like them because they try and fill her mind with crap about me that I'm not good enough for her or something and they haven't even met me. she wants me to meet them but I don't even want to because the stuff I heard them say about me. I already feel like she is on the verge of ending it and I don't think they will help the situation. I feel helpless and don't know what to do. any thoughts?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sorry to hear what you are going through >.< It must have been very frustrating for you. And I can understand why you would feel very helpless.

    You can't help how the girls feel about you I'm afraid :( I'd say meet them, but keep it short and diplomatic. Nothing's worse than appearing like a immature person. By doing so, at least you do yourself a favour by being a better man :)

    As for dealing with your girlfriend, you can only reassure her and be the best boyfriend you can be and expect nothing further from her. Meanwhile, try introducing her to say you friend (girls) or people who you trust. At least show her who you are, you have good company, perhaps let your friends or people you trust get to know her. Perhaps your friends/people you trust can help provide a better impression of you and even give you words of advice as to how she is or how to handle her.

    Ultimately it's her choice as to who she wants to believe and how she feels about things. If she IS that easily swayed by her friends and leave you instead, she's really really not worth your time and effort and be a better man and get a better girl :) Good luck and hope this helps!