Can girls be put in the friend zone?

I've heard no, but there are guys who I'm 100% friends with that I kno would never date me.


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  • very possible, I got several

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  • Yup, there are plenty of girls who I might have considered dating once, but now we're too close for me to risk the friendship. However, I've never considered that friend zone to be an insurmountable obstacle.

    • i don't understand that. if you liked them ad are attracted to them, being close would make sense for a relationship.. so you must just not like them in a romantic way. I doubt its about risk. if you were in love... it'd just be the thing to do. a relationship is a best friend you want to f***, well imo.

  • I've friend zoned a couple girls before. I don't think they were ever interested in getting in my pants in the first place. Though I may be mistaken...

  • Not fully, I don't think...I've always had attractive girls as good friends, so there's always that thing of 'I would f*ck her brains out if we got drunk enough', lol

  • Rare if given a chance by a friend a guy may take it. Only if the guy is really not attracted to his friend or is she is married or something. this could just be me

  • yes they can in fact I have put a friend in that zone but I have been put in the friend zone more often then not

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  • Definitely. I have several male friends, and we mutually friend-zone each other. I'm not into them that way, and they're not into me that way, and that says nothing about how good of friends we can be. I find friendships work better when there's no attraction, lol. Less drama, no hurt feelings. We can recognize each other as attractive people when that's the case, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's ATTRACTION going on.

  • Yes.

    He just has to find you unattractive and/or not girlfriend material.

    The onky difference is while the guy friend won't get into a relationship with you whether you're unattractive or not girlfriend material he most likely will still have sex with you if you offerred.

  • all it means is someone who does not want to date u, plenty of guys now plenty of girls they do not want to date. they are friends with some of them.

  • Way possible...I get there in 0-3 seconds and have no clue how the hell I did it. In fact, I don't know how not to. It sucks. :(

  • There can be platonic, non-romantic friendships shared between genders, I think so, yes. But I think the option to get out of it is much higher should the girl initiate, due to such an acts novel rarity.

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