Why does my mom always expect so much out of me?

I am the oldest, 22 ,of 2 younger siblings in HS. My parents are Asian and were really strict about me doing well in HS. They made me go to tutoring every weekend and on top of that I had tons of extracurricular activities. Even though I felt like breaking apart from all the pressure, I still... Show More

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  • Wow you are definitely in a dilemma. I think the reason why your parents are very strict on you academically is because you're the oldest child (meaning the first) and they really want you to set a great example and be a role model to your younger siblings. They believe that if you can become excellent and succeed in the real corporate world then that your younger siblings can succeed as well. I understand that being a potential reason as why they are very strict on you and push you to be very great in all you do. Another reason why they do this is because they want you to take care of them when they get much older to the point where they can't take care of themselves, let alone your younger siblings. Now for the personal advice part.

    I personally think that you can do very well at any college you choose to attend, whether that college is a top-tier university or a great community college. I think that you have to be more confident in yourself as an individual. Also, you have to remember that you're going to college to benefit and advance yourself. You're not going to college to help make your parents better or your siblings better. They have to do that for themselves. Also, do want makes you happy no matter how much money you make from it. Every person has some talents or interests that they enjoy or are good at and that is what you should consider looking into as a future career. Just remember that the only person you need to make proud is yourself because you yourself are your own harshest critic and only you yourself can label yourself as inferior or as a failure.

    I hope that my advice can help you out somehow or someway, I hope it can give you some peace of mind, I hope that you find great happiness and success in whatever you do, and I hope you think of yourself as a success because I think you are. Good luck, sorry for the long response, and keep me posted on your progress! :)