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How do I heal a broken friendship with my best guy-friend?

I'm not exactly sure why we drifted apart. I think it might possible be because our friendship was based a lot on sex. Then I didn't want to do that... Show More

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  • i don't think that you broke his heart. I think like you said (the friendship was mainly based on sex) so he mightve felt that there was nothing that was connecting you guys any longer other than the sex. that's almost like someone being silly all the time and when they decide to be serious with you, you won't take them seriously because of their previous behavior. so once he got used to it, he moved on

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  • You were having sex with your best friend (under 18?) while playing games with another guy you like (I read your other question). Wow!

    • Hahahaha CREEPER

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    • Kay, you're dumb if you think you know me better than I know myself.

    • Like I said...

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