Do you get along well with your siblings? How many do you have?

I have 2 older brothers. One I adore, the other not so much.


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  • I have 4 older brothers, and one younger sister. We get along with each other and we all have fun together.

  • I get along well with my younger brother but we're both in college so we don't see each other that much anymore.

  • i have the best 2 older sisters who I'm very defensive about. One is a gymnast, the other is a dancer and sponsored model. I honestly don't know where id be without them

  • I'm my mum's only child, live with mum, I'm the unrivalled king child

  • I have one brother, seven years younger than me.

    We don't get along. I don't get along with my parents either for that matter.

    I was born with a slight disability. He was born as Mister Perfect. He quickly became the favorite son, and while my parents deny this, my wife sees evidence of this. So does my daughter. So she doesn't see her grandparents anymore. She doesn't see her Uncle Adam or his wife. She has never met her cousins, my brother's son & daughter (she has no other cousins). I haven't either for that matter. But my parents just love them. His wife's parents are dead. My father in law is dead, so my mother in law is the only grandparent in my daughter's life.

    Yes, friends, favouritism exists in families. I'm sure many of you know this. I am one more piece of evidence. That is exactly why my daughter is an only child. While I don't believe I would have favouritism I didn't want to risk it happening.

    • I recently read an article on favoritism, I could identify with it as well. They say it's first born male for moms and last born daughter for dads. Although if they have a child who seems to have common interest with them, or is in some way more unique, they are more likely. Interesting stuff.

    • I am so glad I will never fall into the trap of having a favorite child. My vasectomy made that a guarantee.

  • Older brother-One of the coolest down to earth people I know.

    Older sister-She can be pretty cool but is a total bitch a lot of the time.

    Little brother-Kind of annoying but also sometimes cool.

  • I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I get along with them all pretty well, of course we argue sometimes but that's what happens in sibling-sibling interactions... Irish people generally have large families and close families too :)

  • i get along with my little brother most of the time and I hardly see my older sister

  • I have 2 brothers. Like them both.

  • I have none so it's all good in my world.

  • I get along with my sister for the most part... we have arguments and disagreements of course but they aren't a big deal.

  • I have one. And I never see her.

  • I have three sisters. Let's just say we tolerate each other. :p

  • I have an older brother and a younger brother. My and my younger brother are very close. Me and my older brother use to be very close, but he's got some issues and doesn't get along with anyone too well lately. Some days are better than others. He will be good one day, and crazy the next. I just have to take it in strides.


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  • I have one baby sister, she's 18 and we get along super well :D

  • I have two younger brothers (ages 10 and 12) who are honestly two of my best friends. They're seriously the coolest kids ever.

    I also have two older step-siblings from my step-dad's first marriage (a brother who is 32 and a sister who is 30) but we're not really close.

  • I get along pretty well with both of them. I'm actually quite good friends with my younger sister (she's 2 years younger than me) - we talk to each other a lot and spend a lot of time together. She's kind of manipulating and we do have petty fights sometimes, but most of the time we get along. And my younger brother is verrrry sensitive, so any little thing can set him off (meaning we do get into fights sometimes) but when we do get along he's really cool and surprisingly funny and (in some ways) mature for his age (he's 10). We like watching Adventure Time and Regular Show together. :P

  • I have 4 brothers, 2 older and 2 younger. I'm right in the middle! I love them all but sometimes I feel like killing them. I'm a little closer with my older brothers and they taught me how to spot a douchebag so I don't start dating him LOL! Also learned how to fight!

    • Sometimes I wish I had a sister.

    • lol I'm the youngest ot 13 kids all boys but me

    • That's cool! Must be nice to be the baby of the family.

      My brothers are my best friends!

  • I have one older sister...we never actually talk to each other

  • I have two siblings, both older. My sister and I are indifferent with each other, although we started talking more once she was at college. My brother and I have a love-hate relationship. We can talk about people and gossip and stupid things we see, but we can't talk about ourselves. We used to hate each other and we still butt heads every now and then.

  • Definetely not! I have one brother and he's the reason for all those scars on my arms.

  • I have a ...weird sort of family. My oldest sister, is 22 years older than I am. We get along wonderfully, we always have. She and our mom were actually pregnant at the same time! :D So her daughter, my niece, and I are the same age, and we grew up together as best friends. Now, that said, it's kind of like having 2 moms, at least during the last 20 years. Our mom passed away 25 yrs. ago, so she & I have become even closer. At her age, and because she has a debilitating disease, it's like having an elderly mom.

    I also had a brother who was 20 yrs. older than me. He was my HERO! I loved that a brother! lol He was a military man, gone most of my life, but very good to me as a child. He was a wonderful father too. He died 6 yrs. ago.

    Then I have a sister closer to my age, 5 years older. We got along growing up together. But after she left for college & moved away, she changed. She never really kept in touch with any of our family very well after that. Phone calls here & there, but that's it. She chose to move across the country & make a new life for herself & we've not been that close since. I call her every couple of weeks, and I know in a pinch we would be there for each other. But it isn't the same. I miss her.

  • I have two older siblings. One got married when I was 10 and moved to a different state and the other I still live with. I get along with both of them but technically I grew up with the one I'm currently living with because the eldest married when I was super young and moved away. Yeah I repeated myself I know lol

  • I have a younger sister and we get along famously ! : )

  • I have a younger sister and she's the best sister in the wide world! She's the greatest person I know!

  • I have two sisters.

    I live with my older sister and she is closer to me than anyone else. We get along amazingly well, and she makes everything more bearable. The fruit of her womb light up my life, too.

    My younger sister is a handful, but I adore her. She frustrates me to no end and I don't always agree with her, but she keeps things interesting.

  • One older sister. We don't get along very well. She treats me like crap, so I try to avoid her. :P

  • I have one older brother and I love him to death ! : )

  • I do get along with my young sister though she can be annoying at times.

  • I don't even know them!

  • one older sister. we have good moments and bad moments... mostly bad moments of late.

  • I have 4 brothers and yeah, I get along with them.

  • well lets start off by saying I have almost everyon beat slibling wise I am the youngest of 13 and the only girl :P

    Duncan 37; he actually turned out to be my dad. its along story but I posted a wuestion about it if you guys really wana know. it been weird thinking about him as my dad but its getting easier it helps that I love him.

    george 37; he is Duncans twin brother I don't have as many momroies with him but that's just because of the age difference but we still get along and I love him

    keenan 35; he awesome but he's a teenager traped in a middle aged mans body lol he's still living like he's 17. but I love him lol

    kelton 30, lol he taught me how to drive and I love him. lol we have a lot of crazy memories he sliped me my first drink I miss him he just moved out of state.

    Abenzio 28, lol I call him abbi I love him he's the clown out of all of us he taught me how to p lay hockey.

    Thomas 28, tommy I miss him a lot he just passed away. it was hard but I will always love him he's abbis twin.

    connor 25, lol he's pattys twin and the fight but never really mean it but he taught me how to wrestle. lol I love him

    patrick 25, he's my creeper brother lol always in my pictures I just love him

    cullen 23, omg I always make fun of his name " at least I'm not compaired to a bunch of sparkely vampires. lol he knows I kid and that I love him


    declan 23, omg this kid can be annoying lol but he just jokes I love him. declan and cullen are twins

    craig 18, craig he's the closet to me right now and I love him for that

    liam 17, liam is my twin and died 3 years ago I miss him more and more evey day

    and me kaitlen 17 of course I love myself

    • alll and all I love all of them

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    • they all are lmao were all specail lmao you know what I mean

  • I have an older sister and we get along well. We rely on each other a lot too.

  • two brothers and a sister, we all get along pretty well

  • i have one little brother. I love him, & get along with him most of the time ;P

  • I Love All My 4 Older Brothers 2 Sisters 1 Of Them is A Stepsister Love them All Though

  • i have two older sisters. I get along with my oldest sister, but with my other sister, it's constant bickering, haha. we tolerate each other, though.