Do you get along well with your siblings? How many do you have?

I have 2 older brothers. One I adore, the other not so much.


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  • I have 4 older brothers, and one younger sister. We get along with each other and we all have fun together.

  • I get along well with my younger brother but we're both in college so we don't see each other that much anymore.

  • i have the best 2 older sisters who I'm very defensive about. One is a gymnast, the other is a dancer and sponsored model. I honestly don't know where id be without them

  • I'm my mum's only child, live with mum, I'm the unrivalled king child

  • I have one brother, seven years younger than me.

    We don't get along. I don't get along with my parents either for that matter.

    I was born with a slight disability. He was born as Mister Perfect. He quickly became the favorite son, and while my parents deny this, my wife sees evidence of this. So does my daughter. So she doesn't see her grandparents anymore. She doesn't see her Uncle Adam or his wife. She has never met her cousins, my brother's son & daughter (she has no other cousins). I haven't either for that matter. But my parents just love them. His wife's parents are dead. My father in law is dead, so my mother in law is the only grandparent in my daughter's life.

    Yes, friends, favouritism exists in families. I'm sure many of you know this. I am one more piece of evidence. That is exactly why my daughter is an only child. While I don't believe I would have favouritism I didn't want to risk it happening.

    • I recently read an article on favoritism, I could identify with it as well. They say it's first born male for moms and last born daughter for dads. Although if they have a child who seems to have common interest with them, or is in some way more unique, they are more likely. Interesting stuff.

    • I am so glad I will never fall into the trap of having a favorite child. My vasectomy made that a guarantee.

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  • I have one baby sister, she's 18 and we get along super well :D

  • I have two younger brothers (ages 10 and 12) who are honestly two of my best friends. They're seriously the coolest kids ever.

    I also have two older step-siblings from my step-dad's first marriage (a brother who is 32 and a sister who is 30) but we're not really close.

  • I get along pretty well with both of them. I'm actually quite good friends with my younger sister (she's 2 years younger than me) - we talk to each other a lot and spend a lot of time together. She's kind of manipulating and we do have petty fights sometimes, but most of the time we get along. And my younger brother is verrrry sensitive, so any little thing can set him off (meaning we do get into fights sometimes) but when we do get along he's really cool and surprisingly funny and (in some ways) mature for his age (he's 10). We like watching Adventure Time and Regular Show together. :P

  • I have 4 brothers, 2 older and 2 younger. I'm right in the middle! I love them all but sometimes I feel like killing them. I'm a little closer with my older brothers and they taught me how to spot a douchebag so I don't start dating him LOL! Also learned how to fight!

    • Sometimes I wish I had a sister.

    • lol I'm the youngest ot 13 kids all boys but me

    • That's cool! Must be nice to be the baby of the family.

      My brothers are my best friends!

  • I have one older sister...we never actually talk to each other

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