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Is it weird to kiss your siblings on the lips?

I have a brother and sister and I always kiss them on the lips and don't think anything of it. But apparently some people think that is weird. Is it?

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  • Not so much weird as it shows that you are a very affectionate person. However many people will find this weird/not understand because this is more commonly seen as something two partners will do not family. I know most people will cheek kiss though if that helps =)

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  • So long as there is no tongue I suppose its fine...though the cheek is a much less weird spot

  • very

  • Not entirely weird. I've seen parents kiss their kids on the lips.

  • No, I don't think it's weird. Just means your very close and sh*t. I'm not like that with my family at all. I can't remember the last time I hugged my two younger brothers or my older sister.

  • personally, I don't think so. I used to kiss my cousins on the lips - male twins. They were always extremely affectionate and did that with all the family members. I don't anymore, it just kind of faded out, but I understand and don't think it's weird :)

  • I find this quite strange and out of character, simply because I was not brought up around that form of affection with my siblings. Anything that a human does not see in their everyday life is always viewed as strange. So in respect it only matters what you think of it. Because some will think it strange, others wont.

    • good answer.

      That is how we were brought up- but its not like we're frenching each other

  • To me: yes,it is.

  • very weird to me...

  • Yes, to me it's weird because I see kissing on the lips as a sign of intimacy between two partners, it's got a sexual connotation. I kiss my friends and my siblings on the cheek though.

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