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How would you react seeing your opposite sex friend naked by accident?

What would you do if you saw the opposite sex friend naked? Would you get a good look at them before leaving? would you feel very awkward? would... Show More

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  • I've been caught naked before by my guyfriend, coming out of the shower, and he was staring for like 2 seconds (shock I guess) and then he turned around, blushing and apologizing. I felt bad for him lol.

    Me, I would just turn around and apologize. I try to be respectful and polite.

    • Thats pretty embarrassing. Its happened to me as well

What Girls Said 5

  • if I ever saw my friend in his b-day suit I would turn around and just walk the other way. that just make things a teeeeeeennnnsssyyy bit awkward for us the rest of the day :P

  • I would pretend freeze that I can watch! hehe

    Nope,depends who is that guy,what kind of friend.But I'm a good girl btw,so I would deff turn around and leave. XD

  • I have seen my guy friends naked a few times, and they have seen me too. We all went streaking one night. It wasn't awkward, we are all pretty close. We are more like siblings so no weird feelings.

  • Just joke about it, if you're good friends I think you shouldn't worry... And I guess you're both old enough to have seen someone naked before

What Guys Said 4

  • Of course I'd get a good look, maybe give the thumbs-up. Then I would leave, and never mention it again.

    It would be like a pleasant dream.

  • I would turn away and leave. If she lets me see her naked... I would still turn away and leave.

  • Depending on physical attractiveness I would either freeze, look totally shocked, and get a good look, or leave quickly. Then I would apologize, or maybe thank her and then apologize. Attractive or not I would probably feel kind of weird for the rest of the day. I'm sure after a while we would laugh about it.

    And obviously if she did it on purpose (and was reasonably attractive) I would stare. I would also probably have a weird look on my face like, "why are you doing this?"

  • If it was an accident, I would quickly turn around.

    If she let me on purpose, I would totally stare.

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