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Why is my Boyfriend ignoring my calls?

i know he's a busy man. and he's always out with his friends and stuff but lately I've gotten my cell phone tooken away so I'm the one who calls him... Show More

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  • honestly girl, he does not take you seriously. To him you are just a game. no offense but two month and you already gave him sex is just showing in his mind that he can get it from you easily. A mans thinking process is completly different from ours. He sees you as a toy. So as an a woman you will call your man, chase him down. But you need to know as well as a time to fall back a little. Its hard but the best thing to do is give him a taste of his own medicine. Don't call him. Let him chase you. When he calls tell him you are busy for different reasons. (For example, tell him you are getting in the shower to go hang out with your best friend call him when you get out of the shower and forget to call him back... He will call you) A man likes a chase. Expecially if he is the thug type. Also, you need to realize where you stand with him. What do his phone calls consist of? Are they conversations or does the conversation end with come over for sexual actions. Does he listen to what you have to say? Is he actually listening to you, regardless if he honestly doesn't care? Now about his friends picking up and hanging up. That shows he actually has no intrest in talking to you. He laughs at you with his friends. You are a joke to them. He brags about how he get what he wants from you when he wants it. That not good. In my opinion, just leave him alone. You seem young, there are plently of other fish in the sea that will respect you and treat you right. I'm not old to means I am 21 years old, I have dated thugs and used reverse phycology to keep them intrested. As well as not calling them and showing them I can replace them easily and do just fine with out them. Show him that if it does not hook then he is not worth waisting time with. Trust me. I actually think that you should leave him he probably is having a few girls and half the time that he does not answer your calls he's probably with them. Guard your heart from this guy!

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  • ok I was like ok he's abusy guy till you said"thug"if he ignore your callshe just wants you forsex.omg now that I thinkabout it. you got yourphone taken away?ok how old are you?hes a busy man? MAN?thug and man dontgo together in my eyeswhat kinda "work"? huh?is it good work?

    • LOL he's not a gangster but he talks like one he's white but his whole life he kicked it with black guys & he's really sweet all his ex's lasted a while. so I don't know but he's not dumb or nuthin he goes to school and plans on going to college & I'm 16 and ima get a new phone soon that's why. and he's busy like him and his friends are always out I don't know where. like wut you would call a hustler.. I honetly don't know what they do but I never know wen to call him he's hardly home and I know most of his guy&girl friends

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    • Do what that other girl suggested


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  • Stop calling, seriously, how much do you call hiM? ... if you back off, he will start to wonder what happened, and maybe thing will then turn around.

    • He tells me to call him and usually when he doesn't answer I don't call for a whole day or two and then I call him the 3rd day and he answers and we talk normal this one time I didn't call for 3 days and when I called he asked me where I had been and stuff.i don't try to get annoyin I usually call him & since I don't have my cell yet I have to call him.when we talk he says call me in an hour & I do. he doesn't answer so I call in another hour and he doesn't answer and I just say forget it.

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    • I am 35.. this is something I learned the hardway :) so would hate to see you or anyone else go through it too... so fingers crossed hun it all works out for you :)

    • Awww thnx.=]]

  • Ever since I met my boyfriend,i've never been with him during the weekend.and on mondays he pretends as if things are alright.it's two months now...what does this mean *confused-polokwane*

  • He's lying.

  • Oh god! your sooo young! you have your own life to live! You don't need no boyfriend right now! Focus on school or sports! My boy is a thug, and let me tell you, its not all that great having a thug as your boyfriend. Dump that guy! He's using you for sex! Be smart! Best wishes to you!

  • it's the same with me...guys.plz advice both of us

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