Did you ever play the game 'show me yours and I'll show you mine" as a kid?

Lol... you know being curious about the opposite gender's genital reagions you decide to play this game with a boy/girl you were good friends with.

Have you played it? Share your experience with us please. :-D


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  • We call it at home doctor.games. Yes I was been the doctor and the patient too and this also happened in a hospital. I was together with 2 girls in one room and I was been 8 years old. I was enjoyed to have a disease, because so I had the possibility for a doctor.game.

    And now a true story from the USA, happened for about 3-4 years ago: Surely it must happened in the Bible.Belt, but was an eight year b I forgot.

    There was a 8 years old Swiss boy and his 5 y. old sister. Both played the doctor.game. They get catched from the police and Raul got handcuffed from the police, came for a short while in jail and then to the court. The Swiss parents broght the both children back to Switzerland.

    I was really shocked, when I read this in the newspapers. I hadn`t thought how much prude are the USA, resp. some federal states of them.

    I`m absolutely sure, that all the people in West.Europe shaked their heads and hold their hands on their foreheads.

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      there is a type error, here the correction: ...happened in the Bible.Belt, but I forgot the federal state.