Did you ever play the game 'show me yours and I'll show you mine" as a kid?

Lol... you know being curious about the opposite gender's genital reagions you decide to play this game with a boy/girl you were good friends with.

Have you played it? Share your experience with us please. :-D


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  • We call it at home doctor.games. Yes I was been the doctor and the patient too and this also happened in a hospital. I was together with 2 girls in one room and I was been 8 years old. I was enjoyed to have a disease, because so I had the possibility for a doctor.game.

    And now a true story from the USA, happened for about 3-4 years ago: Surely it must happened in the Bible.Belt, but was an eight year b I forgot.

    There was a 8 years old Swiss boy and his 5 y. old sister. Both played the doctor.game. They get catched from the police and Raul got handcuffed from the police, came for a short while in jail and then to the court. The Swiss parents broght the both children back to Switzerland.

    I was really shocked, when I read this in the newspapers. I hadn`t thought how much prude are the USA, resp. some federal states of them.

    I`m absolutely sure, that all the people in West.Europe shaked their heads and hold their hands on their foreheads.

    • there is a type error, here the correction: ...happened in the Bible.Belt, but I forgot the federal state.

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  • Nope! XP

  • Nope. I didn't play most of those games you're supposed to play when you're a kid to teen.

    The only one I ever participated in was "Kiss Chasey" in kindergarten - but it doesn't even count, cos these two kids who were 'dating' used to pretty much play exclusively, kissing each other repetitively. But the rest of us would run and feign terror regardless. Oh, to be young again.

  • Um,no. lol

  • lol,no

  • No, I'd always had boy cousins that I grew up with as a kid so I saw a few little kid penises in my day. However, they sure grew from those days to when I saw the first big boy one in my teen years ;)

  • Nope.


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  • Yes. It was with the daughter of my parents former friends. I was like... 7 or 8, so I don't remember much about it. I was fun though. I remember that.

  • Nope. Wasn't curious at all.

  • When I was a kid, I did it once, but I ended up looking like a fool.

  • As a kid? I'm hoping to play that game this weekend. It may involve a bit of "hiding" mine in hers too. . .

  • Nope. I've only jokingly said that to girls before. =) I use to hang out with this kid when I was about 7 years old who had a sister that had a little crush on me. She got naked a number of times and flashed me pretty much in every way. She was a year younger. Maybe she was trying to play that game but was to embarrassed to ask me to join in. =P

    • ... *compiles evidence*

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    • (however, I do understand how me claiming you're not modest might've irritated you)

    • 1) I'm not irritated, just being blunt about my observations. Really no emotion attached to it, just stating things like 1+1=2. =)

      2) It is definitely possible to feel wanted online. To feel attractive and feel like one is being chased. =)

      3) So you say, but you are touching on some of the very basic ones. =)

      4) I'm saying feel in control as in you got someone hooked. Not in the sense of dominating another person. =)

      5) I know. None the less... =)