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Will he leave his live in girlfriend to be with me?

Hi, I've been dating this guy, whom I've known for over 30 some years. About seven months ago we started to be friends with benefits. He calls me... Show More

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  • Wow! you've known the guy for 30 years, and you don't know if he will leave the gf for you...

    From the post I'm supposing he has the 15 yr old boy with the wife, so maybe he doesn't want to break up the family? or maybe he can't afford the divorce papers? You also don't mention if you've asked him about leaving the wife and what he has said....so with the small circumstantial info provided, is hard to tell, but looks like he doesn't have the cojones to leave the wife...

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  • He is going to have to make a decision either you or her. He cannot have both. Just tell flat out your feelings for him and that its time to make a decision, he is a big boy.

  • Hey girl sounds like a real dilema. If I was you though I would probably tell him that I don't want to be the other woman. so he would have to choose which one of you he wanted and if he chooses to stay w/ her than he wasn't the man for you and he was just using u. that's just my opinion though.

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