I think I'm ready to have a baby and my boyfriend is ready to have a baby, but other people don't like the idea.

me and my boyfriend want a baby but some people don't think we are old enough to but I have the money and the time he has a job but we are not marred what do you think should I have a baby or not


Most Helpful Girl

  • If you have the following, I say sure: 1.100,000 for your child to go party in college 2. About 10.00 to spend on diapers every 3 days until your child is potty trained at age 2 or three 3. 8.00 for the smallest can of formula when breast-feeding gets way too painful (you'll need to buy a new can about every 2-3 days until age 2 or 3. 4. About 100-150.00 to keep buying new clothes for that baby who is going to grow one or two sizes every month or so. 5. A couple hundred for the crib, a safe one, unless you think one with squeaky hinges and splintered wood will do(it wont). 6. A place to stay, about 400-1000 dollars a month, for when you get tired of your parents or your parents get sick of telling you how irresponsible you are( this will happen, no matter how sweet things are now) 7. A stable baby-sitter for when you have to go to school and get a job because your loving amazing mature boyfriend rather go hang with his buds and flirt with problemless babyless responsibiltyless Sarah from your math class. 8. A job permit and some work history because there are people out there who have doctorate degrees who will be trying to get that job at McDonalds you need so bad just to feed you and your baby. 9. Breast-feeding pump, the bottles that are needed for it, regular bottles, baby wash, lotion, towels, car seat, car for doctor appointments, insurance for doctor appointments, gas for car, baby food for every day after milk but before age 2 or three, money for a coat for the baby in winter(new coat every winter, babies grow fast), coffee(lots of it, babies love to wake up needing something at 5 a.m.), patience, thick skin(people judge young parents harshly sadly). 10. Someone who will stick with you even after your boyfriend leaves because you gained a couple of pounds and are too emotional, your parents are to disappointed to look at you, and your friends start to disappear because of the strain a baby can have on relationships. Babies are people, real people that young people liike you bring into the world everyday, not knowing what really happens. Wait until you're older, the baby, you, and your boyfriend will have a much better chance at making it, and becoming a real stable loving family. Also, notice how above none of you and your bf's needs are included, that's because when you become a parent nothing is about YOU anymore. Enjoy life as it is. Go party. I hope you make the right decision. good luck.