Is it OK to be friends with your ex's friend?

I know this guy friend through my ex boyfriend. and he broke up with his girlfriend around the same time as me and my ex. we just need someone to talk to and we get along really well but we are just simply ex found out we have been hanging out so he got pissed off. Is it really not OK to do that? My ex said I'd ruin his friendship If I do anything more than friend and he told me not to meet this friend anymore.I am so angry cos I don't think I need his permission since we are already broken up and he's kinda back with the ex girlfriend before me.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's completely fine to be friends with your ex's friends. I'm close friends with a good number of my ex's friends including his two best friends, even though my ex and I don't really talk anymore. Your ex doesn't have the right to be mad that you're hanging out with his friends. You're allowed be friends with anyone you want. The only thing I'd advise you to do is not talk to your ex's friend about your ex. It's just not a good idea to put mutual friends in the middle of your problems with your ex, as you never know what they'll tell your ex. Chances are that your mutual friends will talk to your ex about you. You want to give your ex the impression that you aren't obsessing over him.

    Like someone before me said, you don't owe your ex anything (especially since he left you and got back together with his ex-girlfriend - the same thing happened to me). He's just upset because even though the two of you are broken up, he still wants your attention - which is selfish of him.