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Should I go over his house tonight?

So I'm talking to this guy, just getting to know him and we started talking on Myspace. His sister knows my ex that's how I know he is not a complete... Show More

Oh here's an update. He actually wanted me to go over now, but I told him that I have to get ready for work in a little bit and he asked what time do I get off? and I told him late, and that he will be sleep. He said 1230am is not late.

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  • how about you guys get dinner or lunch or something? That seems like a more comfortable environment to get to know somebody, especially because you can talk about your surroundings, like the food and the other people there. however if you just want to have sex with him, I guess it's OK to just go to his house. if you know people who know him, who say he's safe, then I don't see the problem. Just make sure it's credible!

    • Well we can't go get something to eat because by the time I get off its going to be 1am. So should I still go over? or reschedule another time for us to hangout? and I do not do one night stands. :) and I was hinting that to him when I told him he better be good.

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    • Ok I'll just add to this...going over to a guys place at 1am in the morning isn't a great idea unless you're dating. when you told him he better be good then he prob took that as saying it in a flirty way and thinking she wants it, and said it back to you as a tease/flirt.(if that makes sense) My parents always said a girl has no business going over to a guys place after a certain time and well 1am is after that time lol, I'm almost 25 and I probably wouldn't do that unless I knew the guy well

    • Ugh! Thank you! I loved how you just broke that down. Your right! I'm waiting for my mom to call to get her advice, but she would say the same thing you said. Thanks hun! I'm canceling the late night house date. :)

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  • Now its gonna sound like you're trying to make an excuse lol. The best thing to do is just tell him you'll be tired and you's rather go to his another day when you won't both be tired and you'll have more time to hang.

    • Haha okay thanx girl. I will do that

  • It sounds like you're being a responsible adult not a baby. If its going to be 1am then I agree with rescheduling to another time when it won't be so late. I don't see a problem going to his house though because it's a good place to hang out when you don't fancy going out somewhere but there are some guys that might have sex on the mind when they ask a girl over but if he isn't that type then its ok, have fun :)

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