White girl meeting my Asian boyfriend's parents for first time in Hong Kong?

Hi guys, I've recently started dating my boyfriend, we've been going out for about 2 & a half months now, & we like each other very much. He's already met my family & extended family, & seems very serious about our relationship even though we are still a new couple.

We've already booked a holiday together later on in the year, & we will be staying with his parents on Hong Kong. (I should mention me & the boyfriend live in Australia). I am thinking he wouldn't plan to meet his parents this early on if he wasn't serious about me. I'm just wondering as we are in our later 20's, I'm 26 he's 29, I've heard that meeting parents especially in Asia is the prequel to an engagement? I am not worried about that, I'm more worried about how I should act & what gift I should bring to his parents (they are fairly conservative) & what can I do to impress them a little. I've begun learning Cantonese, as some of his family members don't speak English.

I just want to know any tips or helpful hints when meeting parents from another culture & meeting them in another country! Freaking out!

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  • Learning Cantonese was a good move. :p Just be extra polite and be more serving, stepping aside kind of thing and always pay attention incase anyone is talking to you. If you miss it, that's huge disrespect. I live in Australia too and even with how washed out my Asian culture is, those are the main points I can give you. When eating, they usually have the dishes in the middle and you take from that, make sure that you only take a little bit at a time because if you take a lot at a time, or enough for the whole meal, they'll see it as rude.

    • And yeah, if applicable, please offer to wash the dishes but tell your boyfriend beforehand he might think that is super weird if you're not usually like that lol, plus I know Aussies hate doing the dishes.

    • If I comes to paying bills, one person is likely to pick it up, just be thankful. If you're shopping with his mum alone, if you can, offer to pay her bill. If you're in a small group and someone wants to pay, do not say that you'll split the bill, that's just not cool. It's all or nothing. ;) Also maybe call the other elder ladies aunty and the males uncle.

    • They love to over feed their guests too. They might keep putting food in your bowl. Keep saying thanks even though you might find it annoying. Don't tell them you don't like the food. This is just if you want it to go smoothly but it's still better to be you...