What do I do if my boyfriend's best friend is trying to break us up?

My boyfriend and I are going to college 3 hrs away he is going with his best friend who is a jerk to me, my boyfriend has threatened to ditch him for me and he tells me he wants to eventually get married, but his best friend keeps making remarks that he is going tyo break us up in college... hwat do I do?


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  • Not much you can do. You can't exactly ban him from seeing him, can you?

    If these comments have been voiced to you they have probably been said to him as well. Give your boyfriend a bit of slack, he's got a brain himself he can make a decision.

    And if he's said he wants to marry you this will resolve in one or two ways.

    - Your boyfriend will prove himself to be a sheep and he will dump you, and in that case, he's not much of a boyfriend if he can't make a choice for himself.

    - Your boyfriend will get annoyed/realise what an idiot his "best friend" ('cause friends are meant to support each other) and tell him to get lost.

    Speak to your boyfriend and find out if he's been told about it. He'll either tell you not to worry or will be shocked his 'friend' said such a thing.

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