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Family Treats Me Like an Outsider

I really don't know how else to explain this. My family seems to resent me for being slightly successful. I am hard working, a single mom who is... Show More

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  • I think you've made the right choice to visit them less often if they treat you this way... that's so sad to hear.

    • Thank you for the confirmation. I love them and I show it with my actions but I think they got it wrong with the way the treat me. The truth is slowly coming to light regarding the x too. This really isn't about him though. I have a great life here and I think its time they acknowledge I am a responsible woman with a good head on her shoulder. If not I will remain where I am appreciated.

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  • F*** Family...do what is best for you..can always talk to me if you wish...>:(

    • Hey there , I recognize the little angry face don't be upset. I have a beautiful daughter and a Blessed life here. It breaks my heart but mostly I'm okay, just had to get it out tonight. Thanks for listening. I appreciate you

    • I would NEVER trust my family..don't really trust my in-laws either..I trust my friends more than I trust family..either one of them..yes I know that everyone is not that way...but I also know that a lot of the people on this site are younger and do not yet realize how bad family can be...and friends cannot be there for you either...after all..they take spouses, mortgages and have children

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  • Some decisions aren't easy to make. I applaud you for doing what's right for you and your daughter. Your family isn't looking at the whole picture like you are.

    I always say its easy for the outside to judge until they go through our experiences.

    Keep doing what's right for you and your daughter.

    If your very concerned about how your family is treating you, voice your opinions to them. Hopefully that will change something. If not, you have to accept things the way that they are.

    • Thank You very much. I'd waited years to voice my opinion but have often been accused of holding a grudge against him. I haven't told them about how I feel, it just seems so shameful to have to admit. Sad to me that anyone should have to request acceptance from their family. Especially when they didn't do anything wrong. Honestly I think being a woman and independent is the main problem my family has with me. I don't ask for much. I just try to keep the peace. This wknd my parents barely spoke 2 me

    • Im sorry to hear this. It sounds kind of backwards to me that your parents would dislike you because you are independent. If you weren't that way and were dependent on other people, I could def. understand it. Just keep doing what's right for you <333

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