I think my best friend likes my boyfriend!

She tells me he's cute all the time.. she notices everything he wears... she tells me how lucky I am... she talks to him, texts him.. she even likes to join us when we are out together (though my boyfriend hates it when she turns up on our dates) ..

but she would never admit that she likes him.. she just tells me "i like him so much.. but just as a friend of course".she asks me what he thinks about her or if he spoke something about her. she tells me every trial conversation she's had with my bf. I really like my best friend but her behavior is so weird these days.

Can I do something or just ignore it?

Yeah I told my boyfriend and he laughed it off saying that he loves me and she's nothing to him.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds to me like she does like him. But, you should be nice about if you want her to stop and you don't want to lose her friendship. Maybe she just needs to find a guy of her own to like. The next time she says she likes him as a friend, or asks about him, or mentions him at all, jokingly say that it sounds like she's got a crush on your BF. Tell her she's got great taste in men and that one similar enough will come along that is single for her.

    Another possibility is that she's afraid of being passed over in favor of your boyfriend. Some people get into a relationship and abandon all of their friends. She may just be trying really hard to make sure she stays your friend. You could bring that up to her as well when she starts talking about your boyfriend or invites herself on your date. Just say, "hey this a date with Boyfriend and myself. Lets do something tomorrow, or let's have a girl's night next weekend." Let her know your friendship is important to you and that you will continue to make time for her and your BF.

    If her behavior bothers you then don't ignore it. It'll only continue to get on your nerves until you no longer want to be her friend, or until it builds up and you end up in an argument. Address in now so she knows and can adjust. Just be as nice about it as you can, she's your friend after all.