Does this give my dad the right to treat me like crap?

I finally found a job after trying for months. But right now I don't have any money until the end of the month so I'm pretty reliant on my parents for help me with money. I live with them rent free. But does this give my dad the right to treat me like crap? Calls me names constantly, always tells me how stupid I am. But then hell get drunk and do it to my mum too. And I always defend her. he's hit me for defending her and myself. Does helping me with money make that okay? He seems to think so..


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nothing gives your parents the "right" of treating you like crap. Ok, yes, technically they could kick you out since you're over 18 or whatever, but no parent has the "right" to treat their kids like crap.

    You could press charges for the way he treats you, abusive relationship, he hits you and your mom...

    If you make money, nothing is gonna change. He just has one thing less to throw in your face.

    Nothing makes it okay to hit your kid and your wife.