I like this girl but she likes my friend.

Ok so I know this girl and she likes my friend and always tells me this and then I tell her that I like her but she ignores that and continues to like my friend what should I do and how can she love me?


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  • you can't make someone love you, you can make someone happy though..and happy leads to making them at least appreciate your company and they'll like being around you. listen to the girl and listen to her problems. listen to what she tells you and be there for her if she's having a rough time.

    people like to talk about themselves, so ask her how she is and ask her about how she is doing with her crush (your friend)

    just be fun around her, and only good can come from that


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  • Well dear, you can never force someone to love you. Love just happens. Maybe you can be a friend to her but do not expect anything more. Besides, why would you want to be who considers you as `just a friend`? I'm sure you can find someone who loves you back. As I said..it just happens. You can't force it dude so just move on with your life.

    You can be a friend but nothing more.

    Good luck

  • If she already told you she likes your friend, she's already made up her mind and likes your friend. She just doesn't see you as more than a friend and I wouldn't push it, if you like being friends with her, just keep it on a friendship level.

  • You cant! look I've had that happen to me were this guy likes me but I like his nephew so you know what happened? I found him a different girlfriend and he is happy! but for me I might not even end up with his nephew!

  • well there is nothin you can do you can't make sumbody love u.. I'm went through that same situation just move on because if you dnt ur only hurting yourself... I noe their is someone out their waitin for u...


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  • Men get over it, she does not like you.

    I suspect your friend doesn't even like her, maybe because he knows you like her.

    Chat to your friend ask him if he likes her.

    If he does, give him you blessing and let them hook up, if he doesn't tell her not to waste her time and YOU back off. Don't even think about her, move on to other women.

    Think of the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" if its meant to be you and her then hey, if not hey again but DONT hold you breath on it.

    But in all probability they is nothing you can do other than back off and start meeting other women. Plus if you think about it, as a guy, do you really want to go out with someone who doesn't like you?

    • Hmm,ok thanks man I guess I should move on but if she ever like gets jealous cause I suspect she used to like me but not now for some reason she doesn't should I hook up with her or would that be a sign of weakness?

    • Hmm,ok man but if she ever gets jealous because I think she used to like me but doesn't anymore for some reason should I hook up with her or would that be a sign of weakness>?

    • Not as a sign of weakness per se, but as a girl who go through phases with guys, one min she likes you, then him, then you then him.. Its not gonna stop.

      So if I were you and she gets jealous, I would not touch her at all because its just jealous, its not love. Maybe if she proves herself other wise...I would sex her though, but the morality of that is questionable..

  • Dude...she doesn't like you and you can't make her. Find someone you like who likes you.