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He stares at me but doesn't smile. He's been doing this ever since last semester. Does he like me?

I've never talked to this guy, but I did have class with him last semester (spring). I used to look/glance at him a lot, but he never noticed. Then,... Show More

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  • Well start of this way "hello my name is ... Would you like to hangout sometimes?"

  • Talk to him, how can you ever know if you don't try it?

    Anyway, if you've heard he stares at other people maybe he just hasn't been very social and doesn't know how to initiate communication. Some of the coolest people seem anti-social so I'd just talk to him about any old thing one day.

    Don't regard it as too weird unless you ask him to stop and he doesn't. Or he starts to stalk you.

    It could be a great opportunity, it doesn't hurt to see.

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