Ladies, how would you feel if your guy friend did this to you

Your guy friend has a crush on you, but you don't feel the same way about him and you want to be only friends. Let's say he tells you this, "Either I become your boyfriend or I'm nothing to you at all." You reject him and he never speaks to you again, ladies, would you care or not?


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  • Most girls don't think the average guy has sexual needs, so they'll friend-zone them without caring about what he wants or not. The simple solution is to never have female friends. If she doesn't want to be your girlfriend, stop giving girls friendship.

    • I don't have female friends, just for this reason.

    • Exactly. What's the point of emotional intimacy with a girl if there is no physical? That's just a girl using you like a boyfriend, while quietly saying you're really ugly. No man should put up with such disrespect.

    • I don't put up with it at all

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  • Of course I wouldn't care. If you were really a "friend" then you wouldn't of cut her outta your life for rejecting you. She's prob glad to be rid of you. Oh and in the future I wouldn't throw out an ultimatum if you're not able to deal w the consequences.

  • Why should the girl care when the guy's so obviously selfish and doesn't care about how the girl feels?

  • Well, I would think he was an a**hole. Also, I would question why I was ever friends with someone like that. So, nope I wouldn't care. That's me though.

  • If I'm friends with a guy and he gives me that ultimatum, I'm walking away. I will not let someone black mail me.

    • Good he doesn't need you anyways

    • Obviously he does need me or he wouldn't be black mailing me. Absolutely pathetic.

  • Well,same thing happened to me. This friend asked me to be his girlfriend. I thought he was joking so I just laughed and tried to brush it off. but turned out he wasn't ,so I just told him I don't feel same way . I just like us to remain friends. He got mad and started avoiding me. I tried to talk to him but then he said furiously "Either you be my girlfriend or I'm nothing to you at all. Our friendship is over" That moment I lost the respect I had for him and stopped talking to him. infact my friends made sure that I'm never alone in the corridor so he won't get a chance to come to talk me. Couple of months passed,I was happy with my friends and busy with studies. Then one day I was just waiting for my friends when he came and tried to talk to me. asked me "hi,how are you?" "Fine. now if you'll just excuse me,I gotta go. I'm busy atm" and walked away. I left that college after couple of months. I simply stopped caring about him

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