Post-rejection between friends aftermath

Best guy friend rejected me. Both in our early 20's, and have been close friends 4 years. We had started hooking up, been on a few dates, happiest I've ever been... And then he dropped the bomb. It's been over 6 weeks, and the pain of it all hasn't subsided the slightest bit. Not just the unrequited love, but feeling like our friendship will never be what it was. He has been nice enough to give me space (in truth, he was as polite as possible, given the situation), but I'm afraid I'm being cold towards him. I avoid eye contact as much as possible... Just seeing him hurts my heart. I don't want to be mean, but I need to take care of myself, too.

Guys, what would be your expectations of the situation? How would you expect or like the girl you rejected to act (strictly as a friend)? Would you even still want to be her friend, or would you feel repulsed?