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Why does this girl love playing with my head?

So I'm a guy and my BEST friend is a girl. We haven't know each other that long, probably 8 months. We had a thing at first, never dated, but we... Show More

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  • Okay it seems like she likes you as a friend but selfishly doesn't want to loose you. She's considered having a relationship with you (I guess) but has decided it's not what she wants. It up to you whether your okay with being friends, or if you would prefer to let her go/take some time to get over her. Since you're in a similar position to my current situation (I don't normally ask) but could you take a look at my question too link ?

What Girls Said 2

  • Um she doesn't sound like a very good friend to me. She knows how you feel about her and just plays w your mind. She has you dropping her off at other guys houses for gods sake! Find your self respect and kick this loser to the curb!

What Guys Said 3

  • 1. Because she's a girl, and everyone (guys and girls) enjoys attention, girls actually get it and don't always handle it well.

    2. Because you let her.

  • ya dropped her off at a dudes house man... your fault tbh, sounds like you never made a solid move. Ever

    • Didnt mention it until AFTER we left my parents, and was not aware whos house it was until we got there

    • Happens man, I've done the almost same thing in the past.. all you can do is make a decisive move harder sooner

  • Don't even second guess yourself! Kick that hoe to the curb... She got d*** from your work buddy and it sounds like you're still a back up plan. This time do yourself a favor and don't text her, don't call her... She starts coming around again, don't be Mr. Nice guy, bone the bitch and cancel her. Sorry it sounds a little harsh but it sounds like she needs a stiff one in her ass!

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