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Does he see me as a friend (or like a daughter) or something else?

This guy is 12 years older than me, I know he likes me, I just don't know in what aspect. I'm thinking he just likes me as friends because he is... Show More

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  • It's too difficult to be sure, but I can expand on what this situation might be. To me, it sounds like he does like you - at your age you should trust your instincts, they've had enough time to build such readings. Like the Electra complex he might be assuming, are you attracted to him?Short answer, he wants you and is a little afraid of being too direct. Most likely you'll have to give more signals than he does.

    • this is a wonderful answer thanks alot. :)

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  • You very well could be. The things he is doing could be described just as easily as something a good guy or nice guy would do.

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  • well it does sound like a father/daughter relationship. I have a few guy friends that 10+ years older than me and I see them as brothers beacause when you date a guy that is about 10 or 12 years older than you it usually doesn't end well because he might be divorced and have children and maybe in the future he'll want to get back with his ex wife or ex girlfriend. I've seen that happen many times.

  • I think you should ask him how he feels about you how does he sees you, besides if he talks of your body and compliments you his not acting as a father because a father don't compliment their daughter body only beauty you only will know how he truly see you or feel about you by being straight forward with him, he might feel uncomfortable to approach you the wrong way possibly cause age different show him you not a child you are a woman he need to treat you like one and be a man so throw the cards on the table is the only way you will know the truth time is being wasted here make your move. I hope the answer help good luck!

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