Why are some Christians hypocritical?

Does anybody feel like they have a reputation to withhold? Me and a friend of mine had this conversation last night. Do you go to a Christian school, go to church often, or have family and friends parents that judge everything you do? I am one of those people who listen to to music I want, wear what I want and like what I want. I am a pretty good kid, I don't do drugs or smoke or drink. I the last year I became better at being the real person I am. It's just that I have done some bad "physical" things with my ex, that we are both ashamed of to this day. Only my sister, two of my best friends , my ex's best friend, and us two know of course. I know if people from my church knew, or my family knew I would be literally "stoned" by them. Doesn't the Bible reach not to judge? I know because I read it. I just feel like some Christians can be hypocritical and judgmental, when it comes to personal style, music , and other things.

Here's the kicker, one of my best friends is my preachers daughter, she is practically my sister. I love her parents, here mother treats me just like her daughter. Three of my guy friends go to a Christain school that is owned by my church. I went there K5-5th. One time my best friend was complaining about how these boys (including my ex) listen to "trashy music" a lot of the same muasic I do. I like most all music, but she dosn't kniw I listen to that stuff.


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  • These Christians have taken their religion to a personal level, it is not in the religion to judge but to guide, so if anyone forces their belief onto any one else, then they are not practicing their religion correctly, they are adding their own personal belief without any thought of religion. I believe that regardless of religion, that if you cannot venture and find your own path, then its not a religion that is forced on you but a cult, and all cults demand all members behave in a certain way, and as a christian myself, I do not practice or attend church, but I do believe, but this will never stop me from finding my own path and making my own mistakes, and it will be me who asks god for forgiveness if I believe I need it, otherwise, the things I choose to do are what I want to do, no because someone has made me do otherwise, so don't feel as if you have done anything wrong, you are creating your own path and believe it or not, you are someone who will follow religion but never dictate to someone just because you don't agree with the way the pursue their own path. Take the things you like and express them, if someone does not approve, that's fine, because you are not bound to ask for permission, only to seek guidance, and with that you choose your own destiny, not those who judge you, so enjoy life, don't lose it to their demands. Good luck, and god bless,x