Better Looking friends get all the attention.. Need advice.

I am not jealous on my friends but it seems that they always put me in some kind of shadow. When we go out, guys only talk to them and few times when they actually talked to me they asked for their phone number. I don't think I am bad looking but I think I am just not pretty like they are. Few years ago I discovered that I have BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and situations when I am in their shadow make me feel even worse..

I am almost 22 old and I never have been out on a date (not even kissed before) which makes me think that I will never be good or pretty enough. Many male friends told me that I am great person (very artistic and laid back, have good style) but those guys know my personality very well, but I am afraid no one guy can see personality "shine out" before approaching a girl.

I just want to hear some advice? Nothing else...