I found out he lied. To confront or not to confront him?

I've had a thing with the same guy off and on for about 2 years. Before anything happened between us we're were best friends and he decided it would be best to keep to just stay friends no romantic feelings involved. It was hard to move on, but I agreed. Months past and we started to drift, but we did remain friends. Now we see each other more due to our school schedules this semester and he's been flirting, texting me often, and making sexual advances which was fine because he's told me he was single. I found out from one of his close friends that he's had a girlfriend for five months.. I asked nicely and he says no, I've seen from her social network that they are very much so serious and involved with each other she even brags about how faithful he is lol should I confront him or say nothing? I don't want to cut off all contact because I do value the friendship we have but would it be best for me if I did?


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  • You want to sleep with him? Do it. You don't seem that concerned about the girlfriend if you're still thinking about it.

    Or if you're not going to sleep with him, have some fun and ask him, "So how is ____?" In fact, it might be fun to do that either way :)

    Guy viewpoint: Get over the "valuing your friendship" thing. That's not how he thinks of you. He thinks you're hot, and he wants to sleep with you. Simple as that. In fact, I'd be surprised if you're the first girl he's tried to or successfully slept with since he started dating her.


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  • Personally, IMHO: I'd send him an email saying that you know he is lying because of what you've seen. And you don't want to see, or talk to him again. And stick to that. Ignore him. Don't meet him, text, etc. He's just going to drag you around like an emotional rag doll because he know he can if you let him. Find someone that appreciates you girl.

  • Has he told you the truth?


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