We just had mind blowing chemistry. Any Advice?

As a warning I know I sound ridiculously stupid in this situation. Background: I'm a college freshman. I live in a dorm with guys on one floor and girls on the other two. For the first month of school I avoided getting to know anyone on the guys floor because I did not want to have any awkward... Show More

The hard part is that we had a major connection mentally as well as physically and when were together he makes me feel safe. It's when were apart that I feel like he's just using me as a joke. I constantly want to run back to him so that he can tell me that it isn't true and he'll make me feel like his best friend again.. I know it's pathetic. It's easy to ignore him during the day but then as soon as I fall asleep all of my dreams are of him and I usually barely dream..

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  • He's a wierdo, what did you expect?

    Nature is doing it's thing. It made you feel for him by messing with your hormones. That's why you now like him. Your nature is to get pregnant, and for that you need to spend a few months with him. Hence your longing to be with him and for him to hold you safe.

    It's all simple really and what's more is that you're smart and you know this, don't you?

    How many guys are there on your campus? How many guys are better than this douchebag? Exactly. Loads. Go on, find a good one!

    • You are awesome and yeah I did kind of think about that but my friends all kept acting like I was crazy for having something with him (when I know a few of them have had feelings for him too) and we didn't do anything like that but still just sleeping next to him and the way he treated me when things were good made me crazy. Now I just want to get him out of my head. <3 Thanks for making me feel a little less insane (:

    • You're the awesome one. Always trust your instincts. Sure, listen to advice, it can guide you and show another way of looking at it, but ultimately you will know what's right so listen to you.

      If you put two people together, especially at your age when you're at your most "perfect" for creating babies, then you're going to feel something for each other.

      It's just nature. Afterall we are only animals, don't forget that and it makes everything a lot easier to work out. Animal instincts rule.