He doesn't want a girlfriend?

why does he act like my boyfriend? I have been staying with this guy every weekend for about 6 months... he has never had a girlfriend before, he's really shy, and he's a"nice" guy. in the beginning he told our friends he didn't want a girlfriend. they assume it's because he doesn't want to be "tied down"...but now it's been 6 months and I have given him time to 'come out of his shell' so to speak (we are both quite shy) and he has gotten pretty comfortable with me already.

he will do things like put his arm around me in front of all our friends, kiss me before I leave, call me 'baby' when no one is around, and just basically act like my boyfriend. but we aren't dating. and I don't want to tell him he has to be my boyfriend or we can't sleep together anymore, because I don't think he's just using me.

i just don't know how to figure him out. or what to say. and we never talk during the week. only when we see each other on the weekend. I think part of that is because he is shy and doesn't know what to say. but I am shy too, and I don't know what to do!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've asked your question to a group of people at work and the best answer so far we have agreed upon was break it off temporally and tell him you're dating other guys. Like the great saying "Release the bird, If it comes back you'll know he's yours..."

    You're making it to easy right now for him not to do anything and just keep it where it is.