He doesn't want a girlfriend?

why does he act like my boyfriend? I have been staying with this guy every weekend for about 6 months... he has never had a girlfriend before, he's really shy, and he's a"nice" guy. in the beginning he told our friends he didn't want a girlfriend. they assume it's because he doesn't want to be "tied down"...but now it's been 6 months and I have given him time to 'come out of his shell' so to speak (we are both quite shy) and he has gotten pretty comfortable with me already.

he will do things like put his arm around me in front of all our friends, kiss me before I leave, call me 'baby' when no one is around, and just basically act like my boyfriend. but we aren't dating. and I don't want to tell him he has to be my boyfriend or we can't sleep together anymore, because I don't think he's just using me.

i just don't know how to figure him out. or what to say. and we never talk during the week. only when we see each other on the weekend. I think part of that is because he is shy and doesn't know what to say. but I am shy too, and I don't know what to do!


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  • I've asked your question to a group of people at work and the best answer so far we have agreed upon was break it off temporally and tell him you're dating other guys. Like the great saying "Release the bird, If it comes back you'll know he's yours..."

    You're making it to easy right now for him not to do anything and just keep it where it is.

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  • ahem..."I don't want to tell him he has to be my boyfriend or we can't sleep together anymore"

    What part of sleeping together makes him NOT your boyfriend? F his sensitive shy little 'feelings', he's getting the goods every weekend without asserting that he wants the role that you keep offering? So he only pays attention to you on weekends when he's getting the lovin'? Hello?

    Forgive me for saying the blunt answer but "Girl you are giving it up waaaaay too easily" IMO.

    Good luck.

  • Is he getting action? Because if he is, and if he's not using you, why is he getting action, without commiting to you? You're a booty call.

    • Yes, he is getting action.

      and I understand that it is easy for him this way.

      i guess I just don't know why he wouldn't want a girlfriend when he likes me, spends the next morning talking and whatnot with me, and has never had a girlfriend...at 23.

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    • Harsh...but I guess the truth hurts.

      and I didn't post this question to hear what I want to hear.

      i would like to talk to him in some way about this though...

      im just not sure how to go about telling him that I just can't do the friends with benefits anymore. that we either have to date or be friends...because its hard enough to talk to a guy that shy about anything.

      any ideas? I mean, he's REALLY SHY. and I don't want to come across as giving him an ultimatum...i just want him to know that I can't do this anymore

    • Just tell him that you can't do anything sexual with him anymore. Just say you've come to the realization that you need to stop. And let him know that you still want to be friends, that you value his friendship. And chances are, he's going to be upset. Because he's getting sex for free without having to work for it. So when you say this to him, he's going to be upset. And this will show you that he cares more about the sex, then he cares about you.

  • maybe he is gay

  • Honey, He's waiting for something better to come along. He want what you're giving him now, but when someone else comes along you'll be out on your ass. DUMP HIM!


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  • He probably is scared of commitment and having the actual title of a boyfriend. Obviously he isn't scared of being a boyfriend just the actual title and commitment...typical guy. Just hang in there and hopefully he will come around but if not kick him to the curb doll and then maybe he'kk grow a set.

  • Girlfriend you need to shake things up! The next time he asks you to go over tell him you have already made plans. Don't tell him what you are doing but don't lie and say you are going on a date with somebody else either. Let him wonder if you are going on a date with someone else. The next time he tries to do a public display of affection you can tell him you don't feel comfortable because he isn't your boyfriend and you don't want to ruin your reputation because you only do that with a boyfriend and see what happens. That worked fo me!

  • hes either afraid of commitment, ashamed of your "relationship", he's a dumbass, he's a player, or he doesn't know what he wants.

    tell him your feelings and go from there.

  • well first of all.. if he isn't your bf. in the first .. you kinda making him act like this.. why would you let him put your arm aorund you call you baby.. " I'm gurssing sleep with you.. I don't know that part in your passage... but yea.. I think he is kinda useing you.. if he calls your baby and all taht shiz nits.you kinda making him fel like your a doll.. I know its mean to hear but yea... 6 months.. comeone. if he doesn't wnat a girlfriend than try to back off him... because than he might just play you. sorry. but yea.. if you relaly like.. tell him. adn ask if you can have a change .. for one month. and take it slow. I said I didint want a boyfriend at first. and I still don't because I'm young and yea.. I am scared to be pulled down have a lot of plans ahead of me and I don't know if a boyfriend is right for me

    I like to flrit but keeping one. ughh idk. but I love my boyfriend now. so yea

  • He has all the benefits of the relationship without actually being in one. That means he can do whatever he wants like other girls without feeling guilty, and if anything ever happens he can bounce at anytime because you knew that he didn't want to be "tied down". You can do better than that. You've been wasting your time on this guy for 6 months.

    It sounds like he had no intention of being in a stable relationship with you. Tell him that you don't want to be acting like his girlfriend without being his girlfriend and see what he says. And stop making excuses for him. He's not shy enough to get sex from you but he's too shy to discuss a relationship? Girl stop.

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