My girlfriend is upset about my girl best friend?

So what should I do about the fact that my girlfriend who I love so dearly is a bit upset over me talking to my girl best friend. She started talking to me again because she broke up with her boyfriend, and added me back on Facebook, now she wants to hang out again and she keeps talking to me every night. It is bothering my girlfriend because it seems my girl best friend still has feelings for me. We used to really close even when she had a boyfriend who lived really far away I would cuddle with her and make her feel better about herself. I even gave my girl best friend my google calendar yesterday so she could see everything I am doing. What do you think the line is so I don't make my girlfriend even angrier? How do I make her happy again?


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  • Being in your gf situation atm I totally understand how she is feeling.
    I met my partner 4 yes before he met his bestfriend. I didn't like her because of reasons in the past. He didn't tell me they were still talking behind my back so I felt lied to because he wasn't honest with me. Too be honest I don't care if they talk to eachother as long as I know what's going on (I need to know every detailed conversation) and that they are only just friends and nothing more.

    Talk to her her about it. Be open, honest and listen to her concerns.

    I felt insecure about my boyfriend being best friends with his female friend because they had a little thing in the past but nothing happened because they realised they only liked eachother as friends.

    I didn't like the fact that he was talking to her everyday and night. Because it took time away from us.

    I said to my boyfriend I don't care if you talk to her just limit your conversations with eachother, you must tell me personal and private things before her (because I am his gf and I should know what's going on in his life way before he tells her) and that he's honest with me at all times.

    He's given me access to his phone and social media (which he didn't before). I actually don't go on it because I trust him to be honest with me. But he makes me look at them because he thinks I don't believe him haha.

    He actually wants us to be friends haha. I actually don't mind but it will take time considering the friend and I had issues in the past. Maybe you should try introducing your best friend to your gf?

    All the best.

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      Sorry I meant
      **I don't need to know every single detail about their conversation** lol