He said he likes me then called me "friend." I'm confused!

have been hanging out with this guy for about 7 times over 3.5 weeks. We also text in between. We go to the same university but different classes. every time we are together, we always have lots of fun. We kissed but did not go any further. He's been to my place and I've been to his place. This past weekend was Thanksgiving break, we both stayed on campus. He has relatives/friends in the area but he spent Friday and Saturday hanging out with me. We both love reading and writing. We spent hours discussing history, politics, books, philosophy etc. This past Saturday night when we were cuddling/kissing while watching a movie, he said "I think I kinda like you" then "I want to take things slow. I know it sounds really bad but I respect you." He also said "I would never tell you white lies." Things did get heated last week and he said that was mostly his fault. We stopped before anything could happen and I also told him that I think we should hang out more, and get to know each other. He has been really respectful of me although we of course ended up making out. Then on Sunday night we texted back and forth.

Then on Monday night he asked me to watch a movie with him after class. He texted me while he was in class. So when I saw him, I asked him, "so you were texting me in class huh?" in a joking way. He said "ya I was in class and thinking: I want to hang out with my..." he stopped right there, then said" new friend." He also noticed I wore a different lip gloss and complimented me on my clothes.

So what does it mean? This guy just said he thinks he kinda like me, then kinda admitted that he was thinking about me, and then called me FRIEND? WTH? So am I in the "friend zone"?

Thanks for all your opinions :). I did ask him in a casual way "so I'm your new friend?" he said "ya, but we do things more than friends do" ? Then he asked me to hang out with him 2 days later. we were watching movie from his netflix account but using my laptop. I reminded him to sign out after we finished the movie but he said it's OK, I can use his account to watch movie when I need to relax from school work. You don't just give your friend your netflix's account right? It's his dad's account
The next day he asked me to go for a walk with him. we walked my dogs together. He told me about his trouble with his group partners for a class project and other things that happened to him. It seems like he tried to share things with me. He asked me what's my plan for the weekend and I said just studying. He texted me on Friday night and asked about my studying. But he didn't ask me to hang out with him on the weekend at all. So do you think I have a chance to move thing forward with this guy?


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  • He's nervous to call you his girlfriend. You haven't been friend zoned. Seems like you two are getting pretty close. Perhaps you should have the exclusivity talk soon? Ask him about why he called you his "friend"--he'd be better at clearing it up than we would be. :)