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Guys, How often do you text just girl "friends"?

Guys, How often do you text just girl "friends"?

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  • 1-7 times a month. Then we usually end up having sex >.<

    • Believe it or not, This man speaks the truth.

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  • I usually text my female friends occasionally but it can't be way too often, I'm more friendly so its not a big deal to me, but If I'm with someone then they can't always have my attention. IF I'm single then I would text whenever I can, doesn't mean I'm trying to get something from them, just less responsibilities.

  • either whenever they initiate and text me first or whenever I'm really bored and just want to talk to someone

  • I have a few female friends who text me virtually everyday, but I'm more of the friendly type. I maybe rarely (maybe once a month) initiate the first text though.

  • every second of the day lol jk. I have no girl friends to text so never ;p

  • Almost never, unless I want more than friendship.

  • I don't even have their number, but there's no need for it, so the answer is never.

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