How many friends do you have on here?

I have 104. I pretty much just add people and then if they annoy me or creep me out or something, I block them.

I have 104 friends and have blocked 26.

How many friends/blocks do you have?

What reasons do you have for adding/blocking?


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  • I don't pay too much attention to the friends system, AKA the augmented social networking organ that is typical of any forum. I'd rather just have a few upvotes and positive comments here and there, rather than have everyone like me.

    As others have said, blocking is necessary if you want to avoid misery on this site. I know it's a little bit taboo because it's exclusionary and it's akin to taking your ball and going home after losing the first round.

    But I don't think there's any honor lost in pulling the plug on someone who just wants to bust your chops for not subscribing to their world views.

    Neither do I think it's wrong to block somebody who is just plain annoying because they always make sarcastic and cynical comments. I know that I can be sarcastic and cynical myself, who isn't, but when I block somebody for being this way it's because they do it excessively, and they tend to deliberately misinterpret questions and answers just to derail the topic and gain attention for themselves.

    But, of course, nothing is infallible. If someone hates your guts enough, they'll find a way around the safeguards.

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What Guys Said 17

  • 32 friends.

    4 blocks.

    I only added one of all the friends I had. I don't see the point of friends on this site. I don't know anyone personally.

    • Same. I just accept unless they creep me out :p

  • I have around 100. I haven't blocked anyone.

  • 33 accounts are currently on my "friends list". That number should be a lot lower and I WOULD make it lower... but there's just no more passion to really give a damn.

    My block list stands at 30. I'll pull the trigger on anyone who comes off as bitchy, narcissistic, or shows that they are a complete waste of my GAG time (people who think one way or the highway). I've saved a lot of time just by preventing idiots from commenting on my answers.

  • I don't understand how you guys have so many blocked lol. I only have doctorjay blocked, and well all know why that is necessary xD

    I have a few friends but most of them don't even want to talk half the time, so I don't understand why they would add me

    • I remember about a week or so ago you were getting bitter and saying too many people pick fights and clash with each other. =P That's the exact reason why I left like a year ago. If you want to stick around and talk to the decent people, you need to block the douches that just start sh*t so you can have a good time. =D

    • Ah, well its just that I almost never get provoked on here. Guess uve just been lucky up to this point, hah. Also in that past rant, I was really talking about what girls and guys were saying about the opposite sex, but it wasn't too personal or anything

    • You are correct..there IS a lot of bashing of the opposite gender...but, with a few exceptions...there are a lot of cool females on here...(:(:(:

  • Too lazy to count, I got like 6 pages of friends. I have never blocked anyone, and I've only added like 3 or 4 people.

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What Girls Said 9

  • 0. All the rest blocked. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to ask questions and to answer people. I've had friends here before and all of them ended up creeping me out or nagging me too much, so now I don't accept friends requests anymore.

  • I have 94 friends,I have only one blocked and that was a long time of debating if I should or not. But I feel it was for the best. I may unblock them someday but not at the moment.

  • I have 204 friends and mostly they added me.I added few because I like their answers or questions.

    I have 12 blocked.2 of them blocked me after argued about stupid things and coward to valid their points.So I had to block them back.

    One was a self hater dude who is very obsess with racial questions and insult other races including his own and mine.He then added me again and again.I keep denying and still he added me so he gave me no choice...Another 9 were online sexual perverts who tried to cyber with me.

  • 144 friends 0 blocked

    I just added people if they send me a friend request. I only occasionally send a friend request to someone if they have a decent amount of xper points, and I like their answers.

    I haven't ever felt the need to block someone.

  • I have 4 now lol. I used to have over 150, then I lowered it down to 20, and now I'm at 4.

    I have 26 people blocked.

    The only reason those people are blocked because they were being creepy basically.

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