How do you NOT friend zone a guy?

He likes me, I know this. But he insists on pretending to want to be my friend, while still flirting and trying to "sweep me off my feet". I don't like him, I most likely never will. What the hell do I do?

He is kind and nice, but I don't respect him as a man, hence I can't be attracted to him.

Now I think he is a good person, I don't hate him for his behavior, but I don't want to accept his friendship knowing he likes me. I know he wouldn't think of me as a friend if he wasn't interested in me.

I can't tell him to stop talking to me. I can't reject UNSPOKEN feelings. What do I do to spare his time and feelings? If it best just to avoid him now?

We go to college together. Same dorms, same library, similar classes.


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  • You can still be nice to him, while "rejecting" him. People are human and have feelings. He obviously likes you. If he tries to talk to you, keep it short and say you have to go, or make sure to have other people in the conversation, and then you slowly walk away. There's plenty of things you can do to friendly avoid a person. Good luck.

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      Thanks.. I guess I already tried it today. Will see how it turns out. ^^

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