Why men stop talking to women friends?

Why is it when guys get new girl friends or romantic interests that they would kind of stop talking to a woman that is their friend? I'm just curious, since my male friends never really gave me an answer. I have quite a few guy friends and we hangout or talk on the phone all the time and when one of them gets a girlfriend it's like their afraid to talk to me or they talk almost secretly. It's like relax "I'm your friend, not your mistress".


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  • This is definitely a cycle I've seen happen with my best guy friend when he starts dating someone new. For a few months, it's like he's dropped off the face of the planet where I'm concerned. Unless we're out with a whole group of people- I don't see him and we don't talk on a regular basis. Normally- we talk all the time and hang out once or twice a week, but not so much when he has a new girl.

    I have no idea why, nor have I ever asked because I figure even if he could answer, it would be an answer I didn't agree with or one I couldn't rationalize (like some of the ones below). I have never had a problem with any of his girlfriends thus far disliking me or being jealous of me- we actually tend to get along so well that the problem comes when it ends. A few have expected me to take their side (I didn't lol)...

    Anyway, usually after a month or two (sometimes three or four) my best guy friend surfaces again and we text like normal, hang out like normal (although the girlfriend is sometimes with us) and things are fine. They stay that way until he's broken up with her (in some cases the relationship lasted years), gone through his mourning/rebound period, and found someone new.

    It used to bug me, now I just see it as a sort of cycle and I accept it...My only advice to you is wait it out with your guy friends, it will probably get better eventually. If it honestly really bugs you, say something. Ask them how they would react if you dropped them for a guy, or if one of their male friends dropped them for a girl. Probably not well lol...

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      Probably not. Yay you get my point. One we'll all hang out together and talk regularly I just figured cause he always refers to me as his sister when I think about it and the others will be like I'm seeing this girl I'll catch up with you later.

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      Yeah- men are unfathomable sometimes. Seriously, the few guys I dated who had a problem with my best guy friend (most accepted it), they were told either they got over it or they were gone- plain and simple. He's my family in everything but blood and nobody is making me give up our friendship.