What gives me the sh*ts about a lot of guys...

I can't stand it when I am talking to a guy about something I'm going to do, or learn, and he immediately states the bleeding obvious about what I should do.

For example, when I said to my ex (now good friend) that I'm interested in being a luthier (guitar maker), knowing full-well that I've spent years working/studying music and acoustics, he says "The best way to learn that is to watch a luthier work" and I think to myself "OMG, no sh*t Sherlock!"

i have another male friend who likes to instruct me on the bleeding obvious, and I have to restrain myself from going "OMG, roooollly, wow I didn't know THAT!"

It leads me to believe that so many guys either (or all of the below);

*Can't help but put in their two cents worth to make sure you that you think that they're a higher authority on the topic.

*Are really that dumb and think they're actually making a contribution.

*Aren't listening properly and thought they had better say something to show they're still with you...however, this happens via email too, so it doesn't hold that they didn't read it properly before they spoke.

What gives dudes? Why do so many of you do this?! Just so you know, if you think your impressing the girl, it's quite often giving us the sh*ts, and we think less of you for it! :P

And when I say states the bleeding obvious, I mean they say it in a way that they're informing you about something that you didn't know.


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  • Meh they just like to hear themselves talk. The older they get the worse it gets. Tune them out I say

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      Thanks for the BA!

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      @jager66 - What's kinda funny about yours and many other responses is that you are trying to answer questions I never asked & getting aggressive because I don't agree with u.

      "What gives dudes? Why do so many of you do this?!" That was my question. Not what I should do about it. Clearly, you can't help yourself but instruct ppl, can you?

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      @jager66 - chill out buddy :) We did what we could - answered (and some not in a good way either lol). I've noticed a lot of times people DO have their views even when they ask questions & give BA to one who reinforces that view. So it's cool, why sweat over it - we did what we had to :D

      @irishgal - err was I an exception or were there exceptions at least here about the instructing part that men do. Seriously I mean to ask not to be sarcastic or stuff