What gives me the sh*ts about a lot of guys...

I can't stand it when I am talking to a guy about something I'm going to do, or learn, and he immediately states the bleeding obvious about what I should do. For example, when I said to my ex (now good friend) that I'm interested in being a luthier (guitar maker), knowing full-well that I've spent... Show More

And when I say states the bleeding obvious, I mean they say it in a way that they're informing you about something that you didn't know.

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  • Meh they just like to hear themselves talk. The older they get the worse it gets. Tune them out I say

    • Thanks for the BA!

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    • @jager66 - What's kinda funny about yours and many other responses is that you are trying to answer questions I never asked & getting aggressive because I don't agree with u.

      "What gives dudes? Why do so many of you do this?!" That was my question. Not what I should do about it. Clearly, you can't help yourself but instruct ppl, can you?

    • @jager66 - chill out buddy :) We did what we could - answered (and some not in a good way either lol). I've noticed a lot of times people DO have their views even when they ask questions & give BA to one who reinforces that view. So it's cool, why sweat over it - we did what we had to :D

      @irishgal - err was I an exception or were there exceptions at least here about the instructing part that men do. Seriously I mean to ask not to be sarcastic or stuff