Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

When I was a child, it seemed as if ALL of the children I knew had imaginary friends, at some point. They, of course, faded as we all grew up, so I'm not talking about hallucinations or delusions, haha!

I've noticed that I hardly ever meet children that have imaginary friends these days. Perhaps they're over-stimulated by everything toys and technology have to offer them now and "play mates" aren't as needed or even as wanted, I don't know. Some think people were bored "back then", and some think kids simply don't use their imagination as much as they used to. Some think kids still have them, but don't speak about them as freely as they used to.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a child?

Did your friends have one?

Do you notice it not being as frequent today?

If you do, why do you think it's "something of the past"?... over-stimulation, lack of imaginative skills, or something else entirely?

What are your thoughts?


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  • Haha alright I was a bit of an odd kid I guess, so I'm putting myself out there on this one!

    I didn't have an imaginary friend in the sense of how you think of imaginary friends. I had friends, who I would imagine often times when I was alone. I would have conversation with them that were more "meaningful"(as meaningful as a kid can get haha) than the conversations they would otherwise be able to provide. But it wasn't just my friends. I would imagine having conversations with people that had died from history like Martin Luther King Jr. I'd imagine having conversations with my favorite actors (which I would have to say in my younger years, Will Smith definitely topped that list).

    I would talk about what was going on and their opinion. And that was the oddest part that I definitively remember, sometimes my imaginary friend would agree with what I was thinking/feeling, and other times they would disagree with me. I remember one instance where a friend (real life one haha) had took a favorite toy of mine. I was pretty upset and angry. I asked my "imaginary friend" what they thought, I thought I should steal it back and never talk to that person again. I remember the imaginary friend saying why that was wrong and what I should do instead.

    To be honest, I still find myself doing it from time to time. More or less a conversation with myself. Sometimes I find myself challenging myself and other times I just find myself reaffirming the ideas from different points of view. Some people talk to god in trying times, I've found I talk to imaginary people from my past or from the past in general. My best friend died in 08, sometimes I still pretend to have conversations with him now and again, trying to figure out based on everything I knew what he would probably say to me. Drawing from my reservoir of knowledge about the person I imagine, and hoping it can provide me with some answers.

    Yep. I'm going anon for this hahaha.

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      That's very interesting. I operate similarly, actually :-)

      Thanks for answering +1

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      I did/do that all the time! Having imaginary conversations with real people that is...