Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

When I was a child, it seemed as if ALL of the children I knew had imaginary friends, at some point. They, of course, faded as we all grew up, so I'm not talking about hallucinations or delusions, haha!

I've noticed that I hardly ever meet children that have imaginary friends these days. Perhaps they're over-stimulated by everything toys and technology have to offer them now and "play mates" aren't as needed or even as wanted, I don't know. Some think people were bored "back then", and some think kids simply don't use their imagination as much as they used to. Some think kids still have them, but don't speak about them as freely as they used to.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a child?

Did your friends have one?

Do you notice it not being as frequent today?

If you do, why do you think it's "something of the past"?... over-stimulation, lack of imaginative skills, or something else entirely?

What are your thoughts?


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  • Haha alright I was a bit of an odd kid I guess, so I'm putting myself out there on this one!

    I didn't have an imaginary friend in the sense of how you think of imaginary friends. I had friends, who I would imagine often times when I was alone. I would have conversation with them that were more "meaningful"(as meaningful as a kid can get haha) than the conversations they would otherwise be able to provide. But it wasn't just my friends. I would imagine having conversations with people that had died from history like Martin Luther King Jr. I'd imagine having conversations with my favorite actors (which I would have to say in my younger years, Will Smith definitely topped that list).

    I would talk about what was going on and their opinion. And that was the oddest part that I definitively remember, sometimes my imaginary friend would agree with what I was thinking/feeling, and other times they would disagree with me. I remember one instance where a friend (real life one haha) had took a favorite toy of mine. I was pretty upset and angry. I asked my "imaginary friend" what they thought, I thought I should steal it back and never talk to that person again. I remember the imaginary friend saying why that was wrong and what I should do instead.

    To be honest, I still find myself doing it from time to time. More or less a conversation with myself. Sometimes I find myself challenging myself and other times I just find myself reaffirming the ideas from different points of view. Some people talk to god in trying times, I've found I talk to imaginary people from my past or from the past in general. My best friend died in 08, sometimes I still pretend to have conversations with him now and again, trying to figure out based on everything I knew what he would probably say to me. Drawing from my reservoir of knowledge about the person I imagine, and hoping it can provide me with some answers.

    Yep. I'm going anon for this hahaha.

    • That's very interesting. I operate similarly, actually :-)

      Thanks for answering +1

    • I did/do that all the time! Having imaginary conversations with real people that is...

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  • I never had one. When I was a kid, I usually play outside a lot so I don't have time for self-recreation activities like having imaginary friends.

  • I have thousands of imaginary friends in my head, enough to write a three thousand page trilogy novel if I ever got around to writing one. My imaginary friends are all females who are hot, horny and NEVER say no to sex with me!


    That's just human women. Don't get me started on my other imaginary friends who hail from all over the universe!

    • Hooking up with some green women, huh?

      Good enough for Captain Kirk, good enough for you - right?!


    • You should see my dwarven women! Oh, look out...elven women...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Don't get me started on some of my anime chicks! Orc women are ugly as hell.

      I am blessed(or cursed) with an imagination from hell and lots of it. Sometimes it helps me get by in this hellish world

  • Not really, I just saw ghosts sometimes, one even tried to hurt me.

    My best friend had one, it was a boot she said and she also had a boogie man (some pale creep with dark eyes, sharp teeth, and a top hot). Unfortunately the boogie man axed her imaginary boot to death :/

  • I just talk to myself alot...yikes, that sounds bad

    • That is completely normal. I think we all talk to ourselves to some degree. I find it lets things out

    • Im the best listener :)

  • I never had an imaginary friend. But I think that because I spent and still spend much time alone that I find myself talking to myself a little bit. But also I kind of started writing where I would never have done that before. I like to write songs now because o statted to play guitar and bass

  • yes I had many...like bhains,hainikhozi,aya,mum mum si aya

  • I had an imaginary friend once. He later got creeped out by my following of him around the school, and his parents had a stern talk with me D:

    • He didn't take it as a compliment?! Buzzkill!

  • No never... but I do talk to myself quite a bit.

  • Only when I masturbate. :)

  • I had one for a while but it was only a few months.

    in Sesame Street they took out big birds imaginary friend (the big elephant thing) because "children shouldn't have them"

    that and with the internet these days you can make online friends almost as easy as imaginary ones.

  • Yes & I still do. It's the only time I can have a decent conversation.. Maybe that's why my neighbours think I'm nuts, we've been arguing a lot lately & they don't know about my little friend.

  • What do you mean imaginary? Alfred is right here with me reading your question, alright?

    • Okay, Bruce Wayne :-P

  • even my imaginary friends hate me :(

    • He must be a jerk :-P

    • Oh, more than one?! Well, *they* must be jerks, haha!

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  • Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a child? Yes I did, I never had a gender for it but I as lke 5 or 6 when I had one, I called it Peety, maybe cause I watched the little rascals a lot!

    Did your friends have one? I don't know

    Do you notice it not being as frequent today? Yes

    If you do, why do you think it's "something of the past"?... over-stimulation, lack of imaginative skills, or something else entirely? Well this generation runs on a lot of technology and it says from research that people who use technology a lot has less imagination and creativity.

    What are your thoughts?I miss my imaginary friend :)

  • I never had an imaginary friend. I didn't even know I could do that until I was in second grade. I did play by myself a lot because my brother and sister are a lot older than me (6 to 8 years older). I always found something fun to do, if not, I would play pretend. :D

    I only know one person who had an imaginary friend. She's my sister's friend. Her kids also have them.

    i actually never really met anyone who had imaginary friends so I don't know how common it has been, or still is.

  • No, I didn't when I was younger.. I thought they were weird, Lolz

  • Yup. I had two. One was named meany and the other nicey except nicey was the mean one and meany was the nice one. lol.

  • Nope and I don't think any of my friends had any.

  • Most people have had imaginary friends, but I had an imaginary enemy. I always acted as a spy or an agent of some sort, and would pretend some other evil spy/assassin was chasing me. So I would pretend like I'm in some obstacle course where I'm dodging bullets, climbing buildings/fences, jumping off buildings, swinging through ropes, etc. It was fun hahaha

    • That does sound fun, haha! :-)


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    • oh ha ha thanks :)

    • Oh I know, haha!

  • Nope, I never had imaginary friends. I scared me when I was a kid and other people had an imaginary friend. haha

  • I didn't have imaginary friends though I did have imaginary pets. I don't think I ever really talked about it with my friends so I don't know if they did or didn't. I also don't really know any children so I can't exactly tell if they do or don't either.

  • I never have