How do I live without no regrets?

I am the youngest child. My mom and I do not get along. She was abusive towards me physically, emotionally, and verbally. My mom has manipulated people to not to like me. My sister and brother are just a few. My sister and brother jumped me over the holidays. My sister mistreated me by lying to me about money and lying on me. My brother jumped in while me and my sister was fighting. They kicked me out of their house. Just like my mom did. My family did not even go to my college graduation. A matter of fact, my gift from my mom was a kick out of her house after I graduated. Ever since then, I have been on my own tying to make it.

My question is how do I live without regrets if something happen to my family? Every time I come around it gets worse. My first time coming around in a year was the holidays and look what happen. We Fought! Advice?

What I mean is how would I not regret if something happen to them? and I never saw them again. how to deal with it?


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  • me your question and what you described don't really match. To me the description seems to me like you're asking what to do about your family, but living without regrets doesn't seem too related. I was kicked out of my mothers house(I actually knew it was going to happen and I just waited for it), and I got in fights with my family all the time (and still do). But for that what I do is don't even think about the fights and don't expect them to happen, like family should. Family and friends argue, and maybe fight, all the time but that is what brings you closer together unless you don't want to.

    I live without regrets, but it was just recently that I view it like that. I acknowledge my mistakes and fully understand that I will make more mistakes in the time to come, but I don't let it affect me. I know that many of my actions in the past were very foolish and life changing, but without them I would not be who I am, so I am happy to have experienced them and learn from them. You can't let your past define you, your actions should have that right.


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  • Live today like it's going to be your last.

    That's the best way to live life without no regrets.

  • I know what you're talking about.

    I haven't talked to that thing that gave birth to me in years. I hear she's dead now.

    I have no regrets. I can only remember bad things, not one good or nice thing. I guess maybe that's what keeps me from having any regrets.

    I also knew that it wasn't worth it to be her whipping boy, that in itself made me a happier better person.

    I don't blame "it" I just look at the reality of the situation.

    • per your update:

      I also knew that it wasn't worth it to be her whipping boy, that in itself made me a happier better person.

      I don't blame "it" I just look at the reality of the situation.

      They were mean to you, why would you continue to care about them? Do they care about you?

      Ask yourself are you better off with the way they treated you & will probably continue to treat you or by yourself.

      That's how you live with your decision.

    • Wow, I thought it was so cold when you said " I hear she's dead now." Your mom must of really hurt you.

    • I can't resurret her nor would I if I could.

  • i am really sorry to hear about your situation..

    well thr must be some reason why your mom behaves in the way you wrote..

    they don't consider you a part of family that's for sure...

    so dear ... even if they may b your blood relatives don't feel they actually are world is filled with good and bad people so make friends ... and don't feel bad about anything.. just be good to others and you will have a great future ahead...

    tk care..

    warm wishes..

  • ive been through a ton of sh*t in my short life but I can honestly say I have no regrets. I can't tell you how to not have regrets. All of your experiences make you who you are and if you regret those then you are regretting who you are. I don't see why you regret anything you have done. either your family are psycho and f*** em...or you have done a lot more to them then you let on...

    • if what you said is true I wouldn't give a sh*t if they dropped dead tomorrow...

  • That is so horrible, I do feel for you. I can't understand why any mother would want to do that to their child. I know you are connected to them by blood, but NO ONE deserves that treatment.

  • There's no real way to live without regret but what you need to do is think. Do they really deserve your love and care after all the stuff they've done to you, if it was me I'd move on think about my future, whatever they choose to do themselves doesn't matter to you, find someone who is deserving of your love, someone who cares about you and makes you happy when your around them, if they don't care about you then screw them.

    I live life regreting leaving my family but they didn't deserve my love and if they change I don't even think I want their love.

    Live your life and leave them to their miserable lives. Tha'ts my advice

  • Stay away from your family lol... Do you have goals? If you do work towards them. If you don't make some, and then work towards them. That would be my best advice.

    • Try your best to improve your relationships with them. If they don't reciprocate, then there's nothing you can really do to change them.. But you can say you tried, and didn't give up till you had enough. Good luck..

  • Just live for you. Wake up every day and be happy you're alive. All you have at the end of the day is yourself.


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  • Your not the one that should live with regret. They are. Just do what is right and your will be OK. I had to kick my own mother out of my house because she couldn't treat me or it with respect. I am not the one with regrets. She is. It sounds like you are succesful so know this there will come a point in your life where they will come around again because you are succesful be strong don't let them take advantage just because of blood, that wasn't a good enough reason for them to respect you.

    Good luck