How do I live without no regrets?

I am the youngest child. My mom and I do not get along. She was abusive towards me physically, emotionally, and verbally. My mom has manipulated... Show More

What I mean is how would I not regret if something happen to them? and I never saw them again. how to deal with it?

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  • me your question and what you described don't really match. To me the description seems to me like you're asking what to do about your family, but living without regrets doesn't seem too related. I was kicked out of my mothers house(I actually knew it was going to happen and I just waited for it), and I got in fights with my family all the time (and still do). But for that what I do is don't even think about the fights and don't expect them to happen, like family should. Family and friends argue, and maybe fight, all the time but that is what brings you closer together unless you don't want to.

    I live without regrets, but it was just recently that I view it like that. I acknowledge my mistakes and fully understand that I will make more mistakes in the time to come, but I don't let it affect me. I know that many of my actions in the past were very foolish and life changing, but without them I would not be who I am, so I am happy to have experienced them and learn from them. You can't let your past define you, your actions should have that right.