Is he interested or else?

I and this guy know each other from work place for 5 years.He never has girlfriend before . We Are 26 years old. He just asked me to movie with him ( only us) after he saw me flirt with his friend. I just start to pay attention more on his behavior. He always squeeze my shoulder every time I see him. He put his arm around my shoulder and be more touchy feely lately. The thing is when wr hang out as a group , he always flirt with another girl. He will always sit by her side. He used to tell me that he think about her as a friend. That girl already had boyfriend and she will get married soon. I think he just got over from her. I am really confused. Do you think if he ever really interested in me? or just try to make the other girl jealous? I and that girl are friend too. I am so confused . by the way , I am always shy quiet and nervous around him which is my personality.


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  • I think he's interested but doesn't see you as a girlfriend material.


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  • I think he doesn't want to choose you over the job