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How do I show her that I truly care for her and not make her feel put down or hurt?

I have a female friend who is a year younger than me, and we both are getting degrees in counseling. Over the course of our friendship doesn't hasn't... Show More

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  • It sounds like you have been in the friend zone. You need to leave her alone. Stop trying to fix her and to make the relationship better. In my opinion, the way she treats you is wrong, regardless of whatever problems are going on in her life. You really shouldn't allow someone to treat you that badly. Even if you are willing to put up with that kind of treatment, it will never make the relationship better. It kind of sounds like she has been using you for emotional support.

    Back off and hopefully she will realize that she's been a jerk.

    • I never have tried to fix her. I just want to find a solution to our current disagreement/not speaking status. We have been good friends for almost 10 years and this has never happened. I do things for her sometimes cause she is blind and has a harder time figuring out how to get places like the dumster. I don't think she has been a jerk...she is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet but lately she is moody. I've been just as bad of a friend & feel bad about that. We're only just friends

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  • You need to stop caring in everything that she does. That's the job of a therapist/boyfriend.

    Be the person who has deep passion for life, be worldly, and stop making a single person revolve around your life.

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