Make my move or just be friends?

I dated a girl a while back even though it was never "official." I went out with her yesterday just the two of us which hadn't been in a while. We sat and talked for several hours which seemed like nothing! We recently met up as I went to visit a friend in another city and she went to school not far away and she wanted to "meet up." I want to make something of this if it is possible because of course I like her but I'm confused about her feelings...ladies please help!


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  • She asked you out, now its your turn. Yes make a move.

    • Ok thank you both :) The first time around we held hands, which she still kinda grabbed my hand, kinda embarrassing I know :( , but this time I will get the confidence to make the move myself and not lose her!

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  • Well take her out and tell her how you feel either way you have to show her or tell her. I'm pretty sure she likes you back.


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  • What happened while you were talking?There's not enough information, but from what I can pull she's just friendly with you

    • well if feel like the conversation went well just talked and caught up since I usually only went out with her in a group! I don't know if it matters but she kinda asked me out this time...

    • well that's good news, she wants to know you more and she was focusing on you out of everyone else. You should try to make a move