Should I sell my ex'best friends ticket?

Basically, I bought tickets from my bank account to see our favorite band. But now we have fallen out because we were supposed to see her ex-boyfriend's show but I told her a few hours before I couldn't go as I had my coursework for college to do and I had to revise for my exams. She replied saying ''that's it I'm not trying to make an effort anymore'' this caused a huge argument which ended up with me telling her to F off and that I no longer want to be friends.

I am finally done with her, all she's every done since we were 5 is put me down, bitch about me and tell any boys that we are around horrible things about me to make me seem like the lesser of the two and I'm sick off it.

I decided to leave it, as were no longer friends and its nothing to do with anyone else, the arguments over. we haven't spoken in 3 months and don't plan too. But lately she's been bitching about me over Facebook, and to her new friends and has even been saying horrible things about me to my best friend so she'll fall out with me. Thankfully my best friend has just told her to shut up about me and drop it.

Anyway, the show we were supposed to go see has sold out and although I am going with one friend, his girlfriend wants a ticket to the show and I'm considering calling the venue and asking them to cancel that ticket she has and sending me out a new one so I can give it to my friends girlfriend.

I just have to clear up. This girl has only given me 3/4 of the money for the ticket and denies that she hasn't given me all of the money. She will refuse to give the ticket back if asked and she is doing anything she can to turn my best friend against me; she's petty. I'm really feeling like being petty back. If I gave her back the money she's given to me already would this still seem a horrible thing to do?

Would you do the same thing?

Ive decided I'm not going to, it'll be harsh and I'm not that type of person nor do I want to be. doing anything will just prove she has soom hold over me. I have friends to go with and ill have a good time, I'm just going to leave her to it


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  • I skimmed through, but from what I got: your have the ticket in hand ant 3/4 of the money for that ticket. If you sell the ticket for full value and give back the 3/4 it's more than fair, Given that you two are still hostile. If you can honestly get rid of her, and have the "balls" to do it, you could tell her you have two choices, I will either give you the ticket for the remainig money (offer ends tomorrow) or I will sell the ticket to the better price I get, and take from the remaining cash I couldn't retrieve from the 3/4 you gave me.

    It is harsh, and little unfair even, but something tells me that whatever you will do, there will be bitching.

    Just to let you know, you seem to be in the position of giving an ultimatum, and honestly, your argument seems a little futile, I don't know if it worth having lost that friendship for (no disrespect). On the other hand you remind me of a friend who had a bff who was crazy like the one you are describing. So I feel your pain.


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  • TLDR but, if she's not your friend anymore, why wouldn't you sell her ticket?

    • She has the ticket. I was an idiot and gave her the ticket before she gave me all of the money :( . But I can call the venue and they can cancel the bar code on the ticket so it doesn't work and send me a new one.

    • Then I would do that since she's in a position to burn you right now.

  • In situations like this, it is necessary to be the adult. Give her what she wants, either her money or the ticket. It's better to have a clean cut and not provide more ammo for more fighting. It's sad that a friendship is broken. Constant debasing is not the hallmark of a great friendship though, you may be better off.

  • If you can get the bar code revoked and get a new ticket sent hell yeah I would do it. She is deliberatly trying to f*** with your life and my opinion is that people like that will only respond to being f***ed with right back. The only thing I would do is after you do it, tell her instead of letting her show up with a ticket she thinks is going to work.

  • If you bought the ticket with your own money, you can do whatever you want with it.

  • TL;DR

    But here's a smartass answer for you: Yes, you should take the hit from your ex-friend and hold onto her ticket, thus making it useless to anyone else that would like to go to this show...

  • Considering there's no proof, (assuming anyway) just cancel the ticket and she'll just be out X amount of dollars. Nothing she can do if she can't prove it. Consider it payback. Then give her Ex the ticket and go with him

  • I don't think they would void the ticket, you have to settle it with her

  • "Anyway, the show we were supposed to go see has sold out and although I am going with one friend, his girlfriend wants a ticket to the show and I'm considering calling the venue and asking them to cancel that ticket she has and sending me out a new one so I can give it to my friends girlfriend."

    If I were in your situation, and the venue could actually do that (which I seriously doubt), then I'd do it without thinking twice.

    • The reason I say that I doubt they'd do it, is because you could have simply sold the ticket. They have no way to know. You might be able to get them to comply if you file a police report saying it was stolen and give them a copy of the report number.

  • I know I would


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  • It's really up to you and what would be the least amount of work. If you don't mind calling the venue and mailing her a check, then so be it. How much money would you be losing out on?

    • just the delivery cost for the ticket. she hasn't paid me the full amount for the ticket, and someone is willing to pay the full amount. so I would have more money to start with

  • Are you sure they will void the ticket?

    It sounds like a huge liability fiasco for them...

    and I can just see know, her showing up that night, her ticket not working, and calling the cops saying you voided a ticket she paid for.. and they pulling you out of the concert...

    Because the cops, they don't care if you have a concert...

  • Here's the deal the venue doesn't and will not care about your problems with your now ex friend. They won't cancel the ticket. If she has the ticket in her possession you can't do much. This is just a lesson learned. Next time you deal with anything involving money you never give the item to the person until fully paid, and right out a receipt.

  • You can't sell the ticket if she has it unfortunately. She doesn't deserve the ticket but it's too late now. Are you sure the venue can cancel the ticket, I have never heard of that. It thought once the ticket is sold it is the property of the ticket holder.

    • There is a barcode on the ticket and if you have the ticket number they can block it.

    • I understood about the bar code just didn't know they could legally do that.

    • I would go for it if I were you. She does not deserve the ticket however she will lash out but doesn't sound like she is very creative with her malice.