Should I sell my ex'best friends ticket?

Basically, I bought tickets from my bank account to see our favorite band. But now we have fallen out because we were supposed to see her ex-boyfriend's show but I told her a few hours before I couldn't go as I had my coursework for college to do and I had to revise for my exams. She replied saying... Show More

Ive decided I'm not going to, it'll be harsh and I'm not that type of person nor do I want to be. doing anything will just prove she has soom hold over me. I have friends to go with and ill have a good time, I'm just going to leave her to it

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  • I skimmed through, but from what I got: your have the ticket in hand ant 3/4 of the money for that ticket. If you sell the ticket for full value and give back the 3/4 it's more than fair, Given that you two are still hostile. If you can honestly get rid of her, and have the "balls" to do it, you could tell her you have two choices, I will either give you the ticket for the remainig money (offer ends tomorrow) or I will sell the ticket to the better price I get, and take from the remaining cash I couldn't retrieve from the 3/4 you gave me.

    It is harsh, and little unfair even, but something tells me that whatever you will do, there will be bitching.

    Just to let you know, you seem to be in the position of giving an ultimatum, and honestly, your argument seems a little futile, I don't know if it worth having lost that friendship for (no disrespect). On the other hand you remind me of a friend who had a bff who was crazy like the one you are describing. So I feel your pain.