I'm being builled, what can I do?

My life was good until 5 years ago when my brother passed away. The school I went to, I had friends who I thought were there for me but once my brother died and grief settled in, they were no longer there. I realized who my real friends were, and it was not them. They picked on me because I had... Show More

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  • Except if you have given her a real real juicy secret that can put you in a tough spot, ignore her when she goes to people and talk sh*t about you. Actually, if you know the group of people, she talks to them and they giggle and watch you, walk up to them say hi and talk about anything or ask a question, be friendly, as far as you are aware it wasn't about you.

    Basically, if they talked about something else then you are joining your friends which is normal.

    If they are talking about you they will have to stop. Now it looks a lot like she does it because she is socially awkward and very insecure or watched too often "mean girls", but in my opinion she uses you to make friends in a certain way, because that is the only way she can contribute when talking to people.

    That said, the more importance you give her, the more that will happen to be honest, because if she honestly becomes a nobody for you then people won't have any interest in her gossips.

    She will probably stop as soon as she has a new way of socializing, or god forbid gets an unlucky bf.