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Is he trying to play me ??

I have a friend whos a player and we have a weird friendship ( not sexual) he always says to me that he misses me and I just say aww because its cute... Show More

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  • I'd say he is, I mean he's definitely flirting yet he's not doing it in an different way to what you'd expect. He seems to 'love himself' when you say things like 'is that all you have to say' you're basically saying 'I deserve a better compliment for what I said'. You could be someone he's after because you haven't went with him like other girls have.

What Guys Said 4

  • YES, if it looks like bullsh*t, smells like bullsh*t, it's most likely bull sh*t!

  • he is already a player...n I dnt find him serious...he is just playing around

  • "Is he trying to play me ?"

    "I have a friend whos a player"

    Hmmmm think hard about this now...

    • lol he's my friend, but I sort of started to like him and I'm basically scared that he's trying to 'play me' like the other girls he tells me about.

What Girls Said 1

  • You have befriended a rattle snake! He is a player and it soundalike he is up to his old tricks. Unless you are seeking drama, I'd leave it alone

    • HEY! don't insult rattle snakes! :p


    • Lmao ^^

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