My guy friend is seriously confusing me? does he like me?

ian is me and my bf's friend[we've got a lotta mutual buds].ian was told that me & jake hung out together yesterday. so he went ," so how was jake? how was your date?" with a really derpy grin. [he NEVER talks about relationships w/anyone]. I told him fine. ian was much more talktative w/me than usual and he laughed @ all my jokes. later today when I was hugging jake...he gave me a funny look. a look like"why is she hugging him and not me?" kinda look. [jake didn't see the look]. I asked him if he wanted a hug and he blushed and shook his head. I then chased him til I cornered him and gave him a hug. the thing is... he HATES human contact...from anyone. but he doesn't mind when I hug him he just lets me linger and hold him. and before when jake told him we were gonna hang out ian was like "i'm gonna interrupt the 2 of you by video-chatting ya while you're over your house! then you won't be able to do anything." he was bummed when jake told him we were chillin' at my house. so what gives? does he secretly like me and isn't telling me [or anyone else for that matter]? jake said he knows ian likes somebody but isn't giving a single detail. help bros and bras! :) thanks


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  • Yes, he like you, clearly. But is keeping distance because you're in a relationship.

  • even if he does like you, why should it matter. you have a boyfriend


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