How can I initiate the idea to my ex about us being friends?

So right now he definitely doesn't want to hang out often, or he is completely uncaring to the idea and doesn't care WHAT we do.

RIght now he is very distant, but I'm meeting with him tomorrow and I'm hoping to befriend him, like he's an old friend, in hopes to spark up some old feelings in him.

What can I say to him to tell him I want us to be friends and I want us to hang out frequently? (Every other week or so)


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  • Just simply tell that to him.

    I'm sure he'll understand that.


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  • What does 'spark up some old feelings in him' mean?

  • As you said he doesn't seem to like the idea of you two being close again , there are people that don't keep contact with an ex and as I am one of those people I think that you probably can't do much , its his chose not to see you and I think that its going to change .

    I think that you did better get it out of your mind and keep going .

    • f*** ... Those were *Choice .

      And *Not going to change .

  • Same as all of your other questions, your ex is clearly showing you right now that he wants little to do with you and doesn't care what is going on in your situation. Yet you still are on this idea that you'll find some magical way to spark up old feelings.

    Why oh why would you want to get back in with someone that is treating you badly right now (and before as well)?


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  • Some people don't want to be friends after a break up, and that's there choice. If he doesn't want to hang out he doesn't want to. I'd leave him alone if I were you. The more you bother him about meeting up (if he doens't want to) the more you'll be pushing him away from you.

  • How long has it been after the break up? If its not long enough and either you or he still have feelings then being friend is not really a good choice to go for.

    Take my experience as example, I broke up with my ex of 2yrs for 4 months. I competely cut all ties with him to heal myself and recently he sent me an email saying that he respected me to give me time and space but he wanted me to know that he's thinking about me and hr asked me how I am.

    Unfortunately, I still have no desire to reply at least not at this moment cos I know myself that I'm not ready yet.

    your ex might not be ready so give him more time and space. No need to rush into beingfriend with him.