I have more male friends than girls. Is that weird?

Nearly everyone I converse with, text, call, hang out with are guys. I rarely hang out with girls. They just have a lot of dramas and some are so fake, no offence. I am a tomboy at heart and so I get along with guys. I only have two younger sisters but I've always wanted older brothers. Im not a... Show More

Whoa! The amount of feedback already ha ha wasn't expecting that. Thanks guys!

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  • Is totally normal. It happens to me too. I have two younger sisters and no brothers. I always wanted an older brother but tht just can't be possible lol. I get along better with guys for sure. I think guys are less judgmental and I'm pretty open minded and well spoken if I have something to say ill say it. For some reason I believe girls don't like that much. Always being shady about stuff. I've also heard about other girls tht think the same lol is like for every 4 guys there's always that girl friend (not the whore)

    I think is normal that for girls like us that grew up with girls would want something different and refreshing like male company.

    • YES! THANK YOU! It seems we just want that close bond with a male for a change I guess. I'm not really like that with the male figures in my own family, we're not so close and I have more females in my family than males. Its understandable that you would want that too. And yes, guys are wayyy more easier to handle as friends lol no offence

    • Thanks for BA xD

    • Your welcome :)