I have more male friends than girls. Is that weird?

Nearly everyone I converse with, text, call, hang out with are guys. I rarely hang out with girls. They just have a lot of dramas and some are so fake, no offence. I am a tomboy at heart and so I get along with guys. I only have two younger sisters but I've always wanted older brothers.

Im not a dyke/lesbian. And I don't think I'm ugly? I go to the gym and keep fit.

So is this normal? I just click with guys more lol.

Whoa! The amount of feedback already ha ha wasn't expecting that. Thanks guys!


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  • Is totally normal. It happens to me too. I have two younger sisters and no brothers. I always wanted an older brother but tht just can't be possible lol. I get along better with guys for sure. I think guys are less judgmental and I'm pretty open minded and well spoken if I have something to say ill say it. For some reason I believe girls don't like that much. Always being shady about stuff. I've also heard about other girls tht think the same lol is like for every 4 guys there's always that girl friend (not the whore)

    I think is normal that for girls like us that grew up with girls would want something different and refreshing like male company.

    • YES! THANK YOU! It seems we just want that close bond with a male for a change I guess. I'm not really like that with the male figures in my own family, we're not so close and I have more females in my family than males. Its understandable that you would want that too. And yes, guys are wayyy more easier to handle as friends lol no offence

    • Thanks for BA xD

    • Your welcome :)

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  • It's just normal. It's just that you feel comfortable around guys, and there's nothing wrong with it.

    • Thank you and I'd like to keep it that way lol until I find a bunch of female friends who aren't the duplicates of Gossip Girl lol.

  • Your life is about you,so it's up to you who you hangout with. However, most women that aren't tomboys that hangout with men rather than women are sluts! It's not because they hangout with guys,its because the other girls don't want thier hoe ass around. I'm not attracted to tomboys nor do I like hoes that can't hold a female relationship, so I pass when I see a woman like that.

    • Lol you have a point but is not always like that. I'd say is like 50-50. Guys don't care about a lot of stuff that girl friends would. Like girls like talking about problems and emotions and stuff. Guys don't that's easy enough.

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    • I can see why women don't want you around.

    • LMAO some actually do and I do have female friends. I CHOOSE to be with guys. And you can think whatever you like whether I'm a slut. That's fine. I know I'm not and I know you're just being judgmental about it, which is odd for a guy. lol :D

  • I don't think so. I have more female friends than male friends. I just get along better with girls. I don't think it's weird.

    • What do you find so comforting about female friends than males?

    • I don't really know. I guess they are better to look at? Seriously though, it's just personal preference.

    • LOL better to look at. ha ha That's fine :)

  • Not at all.

    most of my friends are female, and that's it. I just happen to enjoy casual conversation with girls more than guys. Doesn't mean I'm attracted to any of them, I'm just a nice guy, and don't mind listening... a trait most guys don't have.

    You clicking better with guys is totally normal and is totally OK

    • You must be a VERY nice guy indeed if you're to put up with all the dramas some girls have going on lol. What do you like about them?

  • I have a lot more female friends than male friends, sadly I go a University where there is a 3:1 female-male ratio. Too much estrogen.

    • Do you have more female friends by preference? Or because you have no choice because of the University you are in?

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    • LMAO! Well my friend, those sort of issues and topics will ALWAYS be the core of girls conversations/discussions haha. I feel sorry for you but then again I give credit to you as well with having to out up with all that. Trouble with your mum? Why?

    • Because I have learned to just normally "tune out" everyone, so I miss on important stuff and get nagged at.

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  • Totally normal! I'm the same way.

    Girls just cause way too much drama and it's hard to keep up. I'd much rather hang with the guys!

    I think it depends on the group of girls / boys you've grown accustomed to, because obviously not all girl groups are the same. A group of friends shouldn't be about gender, but more about the way you connect.

    • I'm glad you understand where I'm coming from :). And yeah you're right, not all girl groups are like that but I can tell you now...MOST of them are haha. Guys aren't so emotional and dramatic. I like that.

  • That's just the way it is sometimes, some girls just understand boys better or sometimes it has to do with the way you were raised (more boys when you were younger, means you generally learn to deal with them better when you get older).

    • I agree but I grew up with TOO many girls in my family. I have more female cousins than male. I have female siblings. AND I am in close contact with my aunties than I am with my uncles. So its frustrating to be surrounded by women that much. I guess you can say that I miss having some sort of close male figure relationship, which is probably why I sought after and click well with male friends.

    • Mm not sure then, because that's partly the same for me, I have almost no male influence in my life, my father wasn't there as I was growing up, no grandfather, no brother etc, it's always just been my mother and my sister and almost all my friends are female too, so I guess we're the opposite a bit that way.

    • Thats very interesting in terms you still prefer female friends. Hmm. Guess people are different. Well thanks for answering :).

  • I have one friend that's a girl and it's been like that since I was 11

    I just find girls to be more superficial and .. well mean.

    So I don't think it's weird, but I may be bias.

    • I agree, although we don't mean to generalise but most of the girls I've met are like that as well. Too much soap opera if you ask me lol.

  • I'm like that too. I just get along with guys better, because of less drama and I rather do sporty things and play video games with my guy friends then sit around and gossip girls. Just know its completely normal, guys are just easier to be around.

    • Gamer girls are hot!

    • Exactly. We have a lot of things in common and plus their personalities click with mine. I'm not really into the 'Gossip Girl' scene either, because sometimes I just find that scene too catty, stuck up and fake tbh. I'm not like that and so its guys I prefer to hang around with and chill. Glad you know the same.

  • Not weird,maybe you just get along better with guys.

    • Thank you, I just get a lot of hate from girls who keep asking me why I hang out with guys than them. I mean, its not like a sorority? lol My choice.

  • I'm in the same situation, and sometimes I wonder whether I'm weird for it.

    I'm not a tomboy, but I studied computing at university, and have just entered a computing career. I want to get into networking, which will lessen the chances of meeting females even further.

    I went to an all girl's school, so it was a shock and I miss having lots of female friends, but you're right that it is nice not having the bitching. However, it would be nice to have some female colleagues. I can't mess around at work like my male colleagues can because it might look like I'm flirting.

    • Well even for girls like you who aren't tomboys, its perfectly normal. I'm not a REAL tomboy but I do have tomboy interests like sport, video games, UFC lol stuff like that. I understand that you're educational institution and work may force you to have more male friends than females. If you're not happy I'd say you try befriend females OUTSIDE of work as much as you can, that way you won't feel like you miss their company.