Is it ok to fart in front of your girlfriend??

doesn't that mean that you love her?


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    you should be able to let your bum express itself freely around anyone

    unless your farts are really stinky... then don't do it infront of her and go to the bathroom

  • ? Kind of a retarded question . why wuld you do tht anyways .

    Straight Upp , The girl would probably be grossed out , kinda thinking what a pig .

    Soo , uh I wuld say no ? .

  • ummmm nope lol

  • i would be thinkin eeeeewwww personally :)

  • hahahah. one of my guy friends I hadnt seen for a year started hanging out with me recently and he was farting and I just laughed and said at least I know your comfortable around me. lol. there's no shame in farting just make sure you don't fart in front of a fan and it gettin blown all up in her face HAHA

  • Strangest thing I've read on here possibly. Definitely wouldn't take it as an equivalent of "I love you" if a guy farts on front of me.

    Although I wouldn't not love him just because of it. I guess it just shows that you're at a stage in your relationship where you don't find you need to be embarrassed in front of each other.


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  • hahaha

  • In front of your girlfriend? No that's rude always get behind her first.

    In front of your wife? That's completely different. Go for it.

    Under the covers is good too. Then pull them over her head.


  • It's only ok if she can fart in front of you without judgement, that's what I think. I feel by farting your giving her the green light to do the same thing. Fair is fair.